Who needs Christmas presents when our idols’ comebacks are gifts from heaven?

EXO are another group to add to the list of upcoming winter special comebacks! It’s been confirmed that they recently finished shooting for an MV! On a scale of 1 to Sehun-on-a-daily-basis, how excited are you?



Jessica is returning with a winter comeback!

She recenty uploaded a photo on her social media which seemed to many like a teaser for a future project. Coridel Entertainment later confirmed Jessica will be making a comeback this December with a winter album entitled Wonderland. Check out the teaser pictures below ^^

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Not even a week after the announcement of Taehyun’s departure from WINNER, I’m extremely happy to announce that 1/2 of the current line up is set to star on Naver’s upcoming webdrama Love For A Thousand More – premiers on December 5th, 2016.

Seungyoon and Jinwoo, alongside Hwang Seung Eon, will be the leads. The main couple will be played by Seungyoon and Seung Eon. The plot consists of Mizo (Seung Eon), a 1 000 year old immortal woman who offers love counseling services based on her experience over the millennium. Eventually, she ends up meeting her true love – the unpredictable Jun Woo (Seungyoon), the leader of an hip hop crew called Krunk Soul (LOL). Jin Woo will play the role of Hyungsik, who aspires to be a stand-up comedian, even though things aren’t going so well.

The videos above are Jinwoo and Seungyoon’s teasers. In Jinwoo’s, the last scene (where he is left on the street with some other friend), the guy suggested the three leads are in some sort of love triangle… Could it be what this webdrama will be about? I HOPE NOT. IVE HAD ENOUGH OF CRYING FOR WINNER. I CRIED FOR TAEHYUN’S SOLO MV. I CRIED FOR HIS DEPARTURE. WILL I HAVE TO CRY OVER JINWOO FACING THE 2ND MALE LEAD SYNDROME? SATAN BETTER NOT

Anyway, should I start some sort of review thread once this drama airs?

p.s.- anyone else wondering what seunghoon has been up to?




Beast will be establishing their own label!

It’s already old news that Beast has left Cube Entertainment. Let’s not lie, it’s been known this relationship wasn’t healthy ever since Hyunseung left. I was concerned for a while because there were rumors of disbanding going around. I know it hasn’t been that long since I joined the K-Pop thing, but I’m starting to get a tired of the word “disband”, 2016 was too intense.

Gladly, Beast plans to remain strong and together as they’re working on putting together their own label, something smiliar to what Shinhwa did. Rumors say ‘Good Luck’ is the name in mind for the upcoming label. However, nothing is confirmed as Cube, not along ago, mentioned something about “still in talks of contract renewals”… This is a bit scary… We all know what happened last time members in a Cube group took different decisions when renewing their contract……..

I trust their ability to judge this kind of dilemmas and hope they make the wisest and fairest decision for everyone. Good luck! 힘내 ♥



So it seems that D.O indirectly called Lee Do Yeon ‘ugly’……..


Recently, at the press conference for his upcoming movie 형 (My Annoying Brother) – lead actors consisting of D.O, Park Shin Hye and Jo Jong Suk – Kyungsoo was asked about the kiss scene he shared with Lee Do Yeon – you might remember her as the friendly ghost in Let’s Fight Ghost that accompained Kim So Hyun (Hyun Ji).

When asked about it, Kyungsoo replied something like “The kiss didn’t actually happen. It’s a relief.” He awkwardly laughed after saying this and instantly added something like “It’s a joke.”. Park Shin Hye imediately changed subject before he could add anything else.

Joke or not, it’s an bad thing to say. I love Kyungsoo but honestly I’m upset to hear about this. I believe it wasn’t his intention to ‘publicly humiliate’ Lee Do Yeon – like some people are saying – but he needs to be careful with this kind of puns because, of course, he will come out misinterpreted and the other person is bound to find it offenssive.

I support my idols throughout every hardship they face, but in situations like this I really just want them to apologize. It’s done, he can’t go back in time and correct it, but it’s only right that he clarifies the situation.

Some people, familiar with the movie’s context, are saying that the implied scene suggests an harassing situation, hence Kyungsoo’s joke. Regardless, he should have predicted the misunderstanding resulting from what he said.

Hope this issue will be solved soon.



Can’t believe they’ve been going around touching my idols’ intimate parts im smh


If you’re the least familiar with the korean variety show industry, you’ve defenitely heard of programs like Infinite ChallengeRunning ManGAG Concert and of course, SNL Korea. It’s a live comedy sketch show the often features celebrities, such as K-Pop idols. It seems that before every show, the crew members hold this kind of ritual – talk, joke around, hand out – to lighten the mood and put the guests at ease in order for the show to go smoothly. It sounds alright so far, I myself think it’s a very good method to help entertainers put the best show possible. However, here’s what some female cast members have been doing as a part of the so-called ritual.

First, Block B

This is honestly so ugly. I feel terrible for them, they tried to take this as lightly as possible but of course, some members couldn’t hide the discomfort. ZICO, as the leader, had to say his “speech” but it’s pretty obvious he was still shocked about what had just happened. Bear in mind they also had ZICO and Park Kyung kiss during their appearence on the show. Sure, you can come at me saying they could have refused, but don’t we know how the entertainment industry works? The audience wants to see the crazy stuff. You don’t want to do it? Fine. Just don’t whine about the ugly comments on the internet later on. That’s how things roll, what good would have come out for them and the rest of the group if they had refused to do it?

Then, B1A4

To me this was the worst, or in a better choice of words, this one makes me the most uncomfortable out of all. It’s honestly so clear how taken aback all of them were. Seriously, only Sandeul was capable to act as if nothing happened. CNU, Jinyoung, Baro and of course, Gongchan too didn’t even try to hide it.

More recently, the same happened to Infinite. As we’re all capable to put two and two together, what is the most likely it’s that the same has happened to the other boy groups that have guested on the show. I couldn’t manage to put the video of the incident occuring with Infinite, for the sake of us all, I believe. Want to know the worst? One of the comedians actually yelled “I touched them all”. As I watched the video, it seemed that one of the male crew members lowkey scolded Lee Se Young – the one who made that gross comment – for her behaviour, but it’s not clear.

As expected, a public apology has been posted on their facebook page. Not that I care much to be honest. Clearly, this has happened more times than we can imagine but the statement made by SNL regarding this issue, aswell as Lee Se Young’s public apology seemed to be directed only to the B1A4 incident. Aren’t they aware we know this has happened in other occasions? Doesn’t this mean there’s no actual regret behind these apologies? Yikes.



Talk about a hot freaking fraken crusty god damn ugly mess? That’s Yang Hyun Suk and his incredible skill to manage artists!


Yall I was hella professional on my 2NE1 post but on this one i don’t even care imma get all emotional and shit cos this god damn company managed to fuck up one of the most innocent pure and unprotected groups in the K-Pop industry – WINNER

I’m not even going to start with the blah blah blah it has been announced that Nam Taehyun has lefTYDSGFD I CANT EVEN SAY IT

So, for who doesn’t know, Taehyun had been taking some time off WINNER’s activities in order to take care of his mental health, with which, I ENHANCE, he has been struggling with SINCE TRAINEE DAYS

Once again, WE, FANS, were disappointed – not at Taehyun, at YG – because it meant that ONCE AGAIN WINNER’s activities were getting postponed. Adding up to worrying about Taehyun’s state, this was when we began entering hell without even knowing.

Recently I had frequently thought about Taehyun and wondered how his recovery was developing. He often updated fans on Instagram and he seemed to be enjoying himself, all of us understood that as signs that he was getting better and that, maybe, his hiatus would be coming to an end soon. I’m upset because I, absolutely, did not foresee this. It’s always a bad sign when members decide to take an hiatus but I was so sure he was going to come back. I couldn’t believe myself when I found out he had left. I don’t care if this sounds cheesy but I nearly teared up.

How much does it take for one to make a decision like this while on hiatus? He was taking time off, yet he kept thinking about how he couldn’t endure it anymore? This breaks my heart. Yall, all he wanted was to sing, why was it so hard for YG to make that happen? WINNER didn’t god damn go through years of training and that hell of survival show to be treated like this. I’ve been trying not bring iKON into this all along because those boys are in NO WAY at fault here but the truth is bitch ass Yang Hyun Suk has favored iKON since the beginning. Even after WINNER won that stupid ass show the guy gathered them and locked them away in the dungeon only to channel all his attention to iKON’s debut AND ITS JUST NOT FREAKING FAIR

After all that has happened with YG Entertainment artists, I’m truly scared to see where this is going because I no longer know what to expect. From what we have seen, their information isn’t trustworthy and their artists suffer from terrible mismanagement.

I deeply wish Taehyun the best of luck for the future, I’m sad things turned out like this but I hope he chose what makes him happier and that, in the future, he goes back to do amazing music like he did with WINNER.

To the members of WINNER, I hope they manage to get through this terrible phase, that they stick together in order to support each other because that’s all they got right now in a company like YG.

imma leave you guys with all my feels frustrations emotions BLOOD SWEAT TEARS chest pains and last squeals of fangirling over taehyun aka member of winner in a nutshell which is taehyun’s last music video in winner. its okey to shed a tear