Another year, another championship!img_20170106_090124

It has been announced that the 2017 ISAC are a go! Recording is set to happen on January 16th and airing date hasn’t been announced yet. Above are the groups scheduled to take part on this edition. Please note that I’m not sure if this is the final line-up.

I was looking forward to see KARD… Guess these co-ed kings and queens still have a few things to overcome… BUT THEY WILL GET THERE

Just one question… is ALL of NCT going to take part in this? I mean NCT U has what 6 members? Uhhh Taeil, Taeyong, Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Mark. Yeah 6. Then it’s NCT 127 whis has 9 members but you gotta exclude Taeil, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Doyoung and Mark which make 5 so, 4 members. NCT Dream is 7 members but excluding  Mark and Haechan its only 5 so there are 15 members… Eh now that I did the math it’s not such an extraordinary number but it’ll probably only be NCT 127 or perhaps NCT 127 + NCT U. I don’t see NCT Dream taking part in this, SM likes to keep the kids in the dungeon. We’ll see though! Are you excited about this year’s ISAC?

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March 29th, it’s Red Velvet’s Bae Joo Hyun‘s birthday :3


Today is Irene’s 25th birthday (26th in korean age). Irene is a member of the korean girl group Red Velvet (they are under SM Entertainment) in which she is the leader, main rapper, main dancer and face of the group. She graduated from Haknam High School in Daegu.

Irene was part of the pre-debut project SM Rookies and later debuted with Red Velvet (except Yeri) on August 1st, 2014 with the single Happiness.

She has been featured in several music videos apart from Red Velvet’s, such as: SHINee’s Why So Serious?, Henry Lau’s 1-4-3 (I Love You) or Kyuhyun’s At Gwanghwamun.

Along with Park Bogum, Irene has been the MC of KBS’ Music Bank since May 1st.

Happy birthday to our sweet leader Irene ♡ Our Bae Joo Hyun who is the mother of those four babies and all of us fans~~ She’s beautiful, an awesome rapper, an amazing dancer and one of the sweetest idols a fan could ask for ≧◡≦




Alright, 2015 was probably one of the best years for Kpop and as soon as Fall arrived it seemed like every company was unstoppable due to the amount of amazing comebacks and debuts that happened near the end of last year and Red Velvet sure made part of that.

On September 8th, Red Velvet made their comeback with their first full length album The Red with the title song Dumb Dumb.

Desregarding the not-so-happy things everyone knows about SM Entertainment, we’re all aware that they’re not a company to slack on their artists when it comes to drop great that’s going to leave us all blown away, and Red Velvet are no exception. Just a year after they’re debut, Red Velvet were able to top the Billboard Charts with The Red and, recently, Dumb Dumb was the only Kpop music video to be considered one of the 10 best of 2015 by the Rolling Stone magazine, you can read the article here (can’t understand how Drake’s Hotline Bling managed to beat it but oh well)

If you haven’t checked out Dumb Dumb click here

There’s no doubt that this song became iconic, not only for Red Velvet but for Kpop in general. You don’t need to be a Kpop stan to actually like it recognize just how catchy and fresh it is. Red Velvet’s lyrics usually stay in same subject however, it doesn’t make their songs sounds repetitive or annoying, in fact, each of them has become a hit so far and these girls sure have a bright future ahead of them. I really like how unique their concepts always are and I believe that’s probably why they stand out among all the other rookie girl groups.

Great job done with the choreography that totally matches the whole concept in general but of course, we didn’t expect less from them ever since Ice Cream Cake – the other hit dropped a few months before Dumb Dumb

The music video is just another aspect that makes everyone praise Red Velvet even more. I dare to say that if you watch it once, you can’t avoid to watch it twice. It’s very retro but also aesthetically pleasing and transmits Red Velvet’s concept really well.

I believe that at first people were probably a little confused about the group’s concept when they literally jumped from Happiness to Be Natural. But then we were presented with Ice Cream Cake and Automatic which are equally distinct as the previous ones and that’s how we can tell how unique they are. These are the reasons why I find Dumb Dumb to be a little of mix of both sexy and cute concept – kind of like how Ice Cream Cake was.

The rest of the album is definitely worth listening to, I personally recommend Campfire and Time Slip (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

Tell me, doesn’t it blow your mind how talented these rookies are?



September 3rd, it’s Red Velvet’s Park Soo Young’s birthday ~~♡


Today is Joy’s 19th birthday (20th in korean age). Joy is a member of the korean girl group Red Velvet (they are under SM Entertainment) in which she is the lead rapper and vocalist. She is the only member of Red Velvet that wasn’t a part of SM Rookies. In February 2015 she graduated from Seoul School Of Performing Arts. In June 2015, it was announced that Joy would be joining the cast of MBC’s We Got Married along with BTOB’s Yook Sungjae.

Fun facts: Super Junior’s Eunhyuk helped her with dancing as a trainee, gwiyomi :3

Joy was a little chubby pre-debut so her nickname was “Doongdoongie”.

Saranghae unni ♡♡♡♡ lots of love to our lovely Joy today ~~

Joy is my bias in Red Velvet, she’s so bubbly and cheerful and kind and beautiful and, just like her stage name, full of Joy ^^ – that’s why she is the only human being I ship with Sungjae oppa, who happens to be my bias in BTOB, besides myself.

Hope she has wonderful day near her loved ones :3



Alright, you probably think I’m the last person on Earth to notice this (lmao i don’t judge you) but I’m sure there will be someone out there reading this and noticing it for the first time.

Yesterday I was hanging out with my friend at her house and we were randomly watching music videos that would pop up. That’s when we clicked on ‘Happiness’ by Red Velvet. I’ve watched that music video a billion times by now but this was the first time I wasn’t looking at the four-colored-mouth in the first seconds of the video and noticed that YERI IS ON THE VIDEO. Look!


This is the part I was talking about, now taking a closer look…


That’s clearly Yeri, there’s no doubt if you compare it to a photo:


It’s not that surprising if you think about it. By the time Red Velvet debuted Yeri was still a trainee, entertainment companies often have their rookies appear on other artists’ music videos that have already debuted. I just thought it was funny because you can see other girls on this part of the video that aren’t part of Red Velvet (probably other trainees) however, Yeri was the one that ended up joining the group earlier this year!

You can be honest now… was I really the last person to notice this?