Fighting the Sunday Scaries

Long time no see huh

I might have spent the weekend dying but I’m not gone yet!

If you follow me on social media then you’ll know i spent a not-so-fun weekend. You know, being sick and all. In addition to that, I wasn’t sick alone. My dad joined. And my sister. And my grandparents. 🙃

Now being sick alone is a lot of fun but what am I supposed to do when the sickness is digestion related?? What I really wanna ask is: why is comfort food so unhealthy??? I mean, I’m sick, I deserve a treat. But oh wait!! My stomach is frail so all those sugar coated/carbo loaded/dairy delicacies are out of question 🙃

Now as if it is not enough, with three tests for the next week I have no choice but spend this lovely Sunday studying. I’m literally on water and bread and drowning on my text books. How exactly am I to keep the Sunday scaries away??

Fighting the Sunday Scaries