Pink Velvet Sun()days

I swear I’m still alive I’ve just been waaaaay too busy

Lazy sundays? Yeah. I feel ya.

Starting from today I am officially on vacation. In between studying for finals and working during the summer, I didn’t get proper rest before yesterday.

Taking time to look back and organize your thoughts, ideas and priorities is very important. However, all these time consuming activities have helped me grow and evolve, specially after I turned 18.

Things are changing, I am chaging, this blog will change. I’m doing it for the better. I hope you stick around for it 🙂

Pink Velvet Sun()days



Hey hey, I’m back!

Just posted my very very very loooooong awaited Taeyeon WHY Inspired Lookbook!

I know you guys are probably getting bored of seeing me promote my YouTube channel here and for that, I’m sorry!

This video has a very special meaning to me though.

This is one of the things you only understand when you run your own YouTube channel… But to me, seeing this video online is like witnessing my child speak their first word LMAO. It took me the whole summer to put this video together. It started with planning the video’s structure in order to know where and what to film. I literally scanned my whole wardrobe to find the best fitting clothes and my friend’s wardrobe too hahaha. I watched Taeyeon’s music video countless times, I downloaded it to my phone and randomly watched it several times in a row, before and during filming, to get the vibe of the music video as accurately as possible to be able to transmit the same idea but with my own touch.

After filming I had to start this intense search for a better video editing program (because no way in hell Movie Maker would to the trick) and do I came across Wondershare Filmora <3333

When school started I was very worried because I started to have less and less time to edit and I wondered if I was ever going to be able to post this video, in which I had already put so much effort into.

Eventually, I finally saved myself two afternoons and TA-DA!

Please, show this video lots of love and maybe drop a like? Nevermind, if you can just watch it you’re already making my day.

I hope everyone that watches this video enjoys it, from the outfits to the editing and that this inspires your own personal style too! Thank you~~♡♡♡



// Disclaimer //

This post isn’t sponsored or supposed to promote any identity. I decided to write this post on my own and the owners of the following websites aren’t in fact aware that I am sharing them with my readers.





I have a question… do you ever just sit casually watching a Kdrama and suddenly start wandering where actors get their clothes from? I feel like characters’ wardrobes on korean dramas are super versatile but still trendy so I often find myself wandering where I can find similar pieces. To me, it happened a lot while watching Who Are You: School 2015 – Go Eun Byul’s wardrobe to be specific and The Producers – Cindy’s wardrobe.

Since I kept thinking about it over and over again, recently I decided to google something like “kdrama fashion” and came across these two websites: and

Basically, the purpose of these websites is to help people find the pieces actors use on Kdramas that they love the most. Normally, they do full reviews for each episode of a drama and do a research in order to find where these pieces are from. They will give you a link to the store’s website and the price.

One thing I’ve noticed though, is that pretty much all of the pieces I fell in love with are super expensive. Thankfully, sometimes they are able to find really similar pieces to the actual ones on dramas that are way cheaper!

Be aware that these websites do not cover all Kdramas and they might not cover the one you’re looking for – I have yet fo find a website the covers Who Are You: School 2015, so if you any that does, I’d really aprecciate if you could share it with me!

I hope this was helpful to other people who for a long time wandared the same as me and didn’t know what to do! 🙂