Beast will be establishing their own label!

It’s already old news that Beast has left Cube Entertainment. Let’s not lie, it’s been known this relationship wasn’t healthy ever since Hyunseung left. I was concerned for a while because there were rumors of disbanding going around. I know it hasn’t been that long since I joined the K-Pop thing, but I’m starting to get a tired of the word “disband”, 2016 was too intense.

Gladly, Beast plans to remain strong and together as they’re working on putting together their own label, something smiliar to what Shinhwa did. Rumors say ‘Good Luck’ is the name in mind for the upcoming label. However, nothing is confirmed as Cube, not along ago, mentioned something about “still in talks of contract renewals”… This is a bit scary… We all know what happened last time members in a Cube group took different decisions when renewing their contract……..

I trust their ability to judge this kind of dilemmas and hope they make the wisest and fairest decision for everyone. Good luck! 힘내 ♥


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