Not even a week after the announcement of Taehyun’s departure from WINNER, I’m extremely happy to announce that 1/2 of the current line up is set to star on Naver’s upcoming webdrama¬†Love For A Thousand More – premiers on December 5th, 2016.

Seungyoon and Jinwoo, alongside Hwang Seung Eon, will be the leads. The main couple will be played by Seungyoon and Seung Eon. The plot consists of Mizo (Seung Eon), a 1 000 year old immortal woman who offers love counseling services based on her experience over the millennium. Eventually, she ends up meeting her true love – the unpredictable Jun Woo (Seungyoon), the leader of an hip hop crew called Krunk Soul (LOL). Jin Woo will play the role of Hyungsik, who aspires to be a stand-up comedian, even though things aren’t going so well.

The videos above are Jinwoo and Seungyoon’s teasers. In Jinwoo’s, the last scene (where he is left on the street with some other friend), the guy suggested the three leads are in some sort of love triangle… Could it be what this webdrama will be about? I HOPE NOT. IVE HAD ENOUGH OF CRYING FOR WINNER. I CRIED FOR TAEHYUN’S SOLO MV. I CRIED FOR HIS DEPARTURE. WILL I HAVE TO CRY OVER JINWOO FACING THE 2ND MALE LEAD SYNDROME? SATAN BETTER NOT

Anyway, should I start some sort of review thread once this drama airs?

p.s.- anyone else wondering what seunghoon has been up to?