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If you’re like me, an unfortnate international Kpop stan who lives in the exact opposite side of the world from Korea, this morning you probably woke up to 738318937214 updates about ISAC! Yes, five months after last year’s ISAC here we are again to talk about this event every Kpop stan hates to love.

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Sadly, by the time all this was happening I was either sleeping, getting ready for school or on my way to school so I missed out on most of the important things… (comment if you can relate so I won’t feel alone!). However, I found this little compilation on Twitter of all the best moments 🙏 sO BEFORE WE GET INTO THAT I want to thank every fan that was in the audience that contributed to this and constantly updated all the stans on every thing that was happening! (legimately. everything. I remember reading a tweet saying “Jimin sneezed“).

Now onto the highlights of ISAC 2016!

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I don’t want to sound biased but I’m serious when I say BTS x GOT7 x TWICE x BESTie team (aka “We Are Going Till The End” Team – they entitled themselves) gave me life. Well, not so much for BESTie because I don’t stan them – it’s not like I don’t like them, I just don’t really support them on a daily basis. As for BTS, GOT7 and Twice, well let’s just say they’re all part of my faves.

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(while I’m trying not to focus on Jungkook’s sharp profile on the picture above) can we talk about how good Min Yoongi looks in glasses?

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Oh, and here.

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Also, everyone’s favorite mom Kim Seokjin brought a whole bunch of food to share with his friends! Later on, he was spotted handing rice cakes to other idols~ could he be more precious?

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At some point, Yoongi hyung decided that Taehyung donsaeng’s fringe was probs bothering him and this happened. Cutie Kim Taehyung happend.

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As expected, the interactions between BTS and GOT7 were endless. There aren’t many photos though… MBC keeps the same dumb policy from last year and I’m already hoping it won’t cause trouble to post all these… though I’m worried (but previews are everywhere and to be honest I don’t think MBC staff will find my blog let’s be real)

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Here we can appreciate very good looking Yugyeom and Bam Bam~~

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Taehyung playing with Jeonghan’s hair I’m so hdgshbdsjffk byE

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And here’s my Seventeen bias aka each-day-blonder-Vernon

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Cute family photo (sorry for the poor quality but it’s the best we can get).

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Here’s a glimpse of BTOB being extra during the arrow match thingy. Rumor says Eunkwang’s the one looking like a centaur and that Jimin and Taehyung kept playing around in his custom (¬‿¬)

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All of APink were looking super cute – as always, as you can see here Naeun looks like an adorable eight year old (✿◠‿◠) and Namjoo looking flawless by just standing there. There’s also Changsub being Changsub. Oh, and half Daehyun.

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Here’s a little gift to all Eunrong stans out there. You’re welcome ≧◠‿◠≦✌

On other news, there’s a whole other bunch of things that happened during today’s ISAC for which I couldn’t find any photos. I won’t try very hard though, still regarding the MBC policy issue…

But, here are some other highlights:

  • Jin and Taehyung came disguised as cameraman in maks
  • Loads of interactions between BTS, BTOB, VIXX, B.A.P. and Monsta X
  • Yoongi and Woozi greeted each other (FATHER AND SON REUNITED)
  • Namjoon discovered the wonders of a selfie stick other than taking selfies such as scratching his back, playing golf and waving it around!
  • Twice bought food for fans

Ya’ll probably wanted to know a bit more, right? Same. The results of some competitions are also on the internet but I really think it’s better not to share those as I think it’s even worse than sharing photos. One thing’s for sure though, every team gave their best and above that, everyone had fun!

I’m also sorry that I basically only spoke about BTS but ya’ll know how their one of my favorite groups and I swear to you 90% of all the info I found was about them. I may post more about this though if I come to find more highlights regarding other idols or you can comment anything I missed that you found important!


Until next time, ISAC ~~




















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consider me a very very very generous dongsaeng for sharing this you all know how Jungkook’s my ult (╥︣﹏᷅╥)





Alright, 2015 was probably one of the best years for Kpop and as soon as Fall arrived it seemed like every company was unstoppable due to the amount of amazing comebacks and debuts that happened near the end of last year and Red Velvet sure made part of that.

On September 8th, Red Velvet made their comeback with their first full length album The Red with the title song Dumb Dumb.

Desregarding the not-so-happy things everyone knows about SM Entertainment, we’re all aware that they’re not a company to slack on their artists when it comes to drop great that’s going to leave us all blown away, and Red Velvet are no exception. Just a year after they’re debut, Red Velvet were able to top the Billboard Charts with The Red and, recently, Dumb Dumb was the only Kpop music video to be considered one of the 10 best of 2015 by the Rolling Stone magazine, you can read the article here (can’t understand how Drake’s Hotline Bling managed to beat it but oh well)

If you haven’t checked out Dumb Dumb click here

There’s no doubt that this song became iconic, not only for Red Velvet but for Kpop in general. You don’t need to be a Kpop stan to actually like it recognize just how catchy and fresh it is. Red Velvet’s lyrics usually stay in same subject however, it doesn’t make their songs sounds repetitive or annoying, in fact, each of them has become a hit so far and these girls sure have a bright future ahead of them. I really like how unique their concepts always are and I believe that’s probably why they stand out among all the other rookie girl groups.

Great job done with the choreography that totally matches the whole concept in general but of course, we didn’t expect less from them ever since Ice Cream Cake – the other hit dropped a few months before Dumb Dumb

The music video is just another aspect that makes everyone praise Red Velvet even more. I dare to say that if you watch it once, you can’t avoid to watch it twice. It’s very retro but also aesthetically pleasing and transmits Red Velvet’s concept really well.

I believe that at first people were probably a little confused about the group’s concept when they literally jumped from Happiness to Be Natural. But then we were presented with Ice Cream Cake and Automatic which are equally distinct as the previous ones and that’s how we can tell how unique they are. These are the reasons why I find Dumb Dumb to be a little of mix of both sexy and cute concept – kind of like how Ice Cream Cake was.

The rest of the album is definitely worth listening to, I personally recommend Campfire and Time Slip (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

Tell me, doesn’t it blow your mind how talented these rookies are?



Hey heyyy

Ready to go back a few months? This will be another post where I talk about important things that happened in the Kpop world quite recently that I wasn’t able to post about by that time. In fact, all posts in which there’s a date in the title will be that kind of posts.

Read on!


On the past September 3rd, Bigstar dropped their 3rd Mini Album entitled Shine A Moonlight.

I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t really know about their existance untill Full Moon Shine (the title song of their mini album) came out and they started promoting it by performing on music shows. But I’m sure it was only because I haven’t been into Kpop for that long by the time and this was their first comeback after quite the hiatus.

The truth is, as soon as I heard the damn song for the first… it legit BECAME MY JAM OHMYGOD. (Putting aside the poor grammar on their mini album title because that’s not going to state wether they have talent or not) I can’t even put into words how frustrated I feel because Bigstar are so. damn. UNDERrated.

Full Moon Shine is definitely one of my favorite songs from 2015. Have you heard it yet? If not, click here

The song is pretty simple, but it’s also interesting. It’s not very uptempo but it’s still catchy. The lyrics are also pretty good and I think people who usually pay a little more attention to them should go google the lyrics for this song. ALSO, since it’s quite a slow song, their voices sound soooo soothing asdfghjkl

I wasn’t amazed by the choreo for the title track but I believe there wasn’t much they could do with a slow song. What I mean is, the fact that the song’s a little slow, they weren’t able to work on some awesome uptempo choreo (because they totally can, they are also talented in that way) however, both the song and the choreo are good regardless.

As for the music video, well, they clearly didn’t put much thought into it either. It’s not their best MV nor is it my favorite, it’s… quite plain, but it’s still nice. Once again, I think in this aspect the song itself didn’t really help.

The rest of the mini album… well, I promise you every track is LIT, speacially if you’re one for the hip hop/R&B-ish kind of Kpop (of course, each person’s music taste varies but still) go check it out and show Bigstar some love~~

I’m not saying they’re the best artists out there, but they sure are far more talented than most people think and they deserve way more recognition. I’ve noticed that some people don’t like them because of something to do with the CEO of their company who is also their producer and has produced a whole bunch of hits for other artists… but I don’t really know why that has to do with them. Anyone knows anything about this? If yes, please comment because I’d like to know.

With that, I want to ask you not to jugde an artist based on random issues regarding their CEO, or company or random rumors because we’re never really aware of how things go down on the backstage if you know what I mean… But we all know the Kpop industry is hella tough and I’m sure all idols work their asses off to always present an amazing show and please their fans so, please, always support your faves through the hard times if you truly trust them ♥

What are your thoughts on Bigstar? What did you think about Full Moon Shine? Tell me in the comments below!



Good evening!

I have Math and Bio tests next week, two books to read and one fanfiction to finish buuuuut I promise I’m working on updating the blog and I’m also planning to start to posting about things I do on my every day – not what I do every day, but like things I do that you might find interesting (not that i think you’re interested in my life bUT YOU GET THE POINT).

Basically I’m working on making this blog more into a lifestyle blog, like I had plannned from the very beginning, instead of just about my idols’ birthdays and comebacks.

So please patient like you have been so far.