January 8th, it’s 24K’s Sungoh’s birthday!!


Today is Yoo Sungoh’s 26th birthday (27th in korean age). He is a member of the korean boy group 24K (they are under Choeun Entertainment) in which he is a lead vocalist.

Sungoh is currently on hiatus due to a shoulder injury… It upsets me aswell as many other fans because we know how much Sungoh wants to be active again. However, we don’t wish his injury to worsen considering it was a consequence of over-work 😦 We do wish him a fast recovery! Sungoh is such a sweet boy and he deserves to be happy & able to do what he loves. Can’t wait to have him back and send him lots of love ( ◡́.◡̀)\(^◡^ )

생일 축하해요 오빠~

Fun fact: Sungoh shares his birthday with fellow member Hongseob!



January 8th, it’s 24K’ Hongseob’s birthday!!


Today is Shim Hongseob’s 18th birthday (19th in korean age). He is a member of the korean boy group 24K (they are under Choeun Entertainment) in which he is a vocalist, lead dancer, rapper and maknae.

Hongseob debuted last year, along with member Changsun with 24K’s first release in 2016 – the track Still 24K. They weren’t part of the original line-up. After members Daeil and Sungoh went on hiatus, Changsun and Hongseob were added to keep a 7-member line-up. Later that year, 24K released FINALLY their 1st full-length album The Real One featuring the title track BINGO.

Check out the music videos below!

Happy birthday to our sweet, sweet maknae! 24K is currently in Warsaw, Poland for the 4th show in their Europe Tour Still With 24U. Hope Hongseob spends a lovely day there!

Wish them all the luck for their upcoming events and can’t wait to see them live in 2 days here in Lisbon omgjsfJHDFKJD




January 8th, it’s Topp Dogg’ B-Joo’s birthday 😀


Today is Kim Byung Joo’s 23rd birthday (24th in korean age). He is a member of the korean boy group Topp Dogg (they are under HUNUS Entertainment) in which he is a vocalist and dancer.

Fun fact: during pre-debut days, B-Joo was a backup dancer for EvoL!

Sadly, there is still a whole bunch of people sleeping on Topp Dogg. I can’t believe people let their last comeback flop like that, it was so good (≖_≖ ) Hopefully, more people will acknowledge them next time… Or at least acknowledge B-Joo and his vocals!!

Wishing him a very happy birthday~!





No joke guys, I actually predicted their disbandment. Not because I disliked them or wanted them to disband, but myB weren’t able to grab a big audience to begin with and their following comeback went down the same way.

It’s not like groups go around disbanding every day, but I worry a lot about this due to the amount of groups we have out there these days. It’s simply impossible for everyone to achieve no.1 so it’s not surprising that at some point disbandments will be as frequent as debuts. I stan a lot of underrated groups so I often prepare myself for the worst, if the successful ones disband won’t the same happen to the others?

That’s why, about two weeks ago, I was listening to Ddo Ddo and suddenly realized it had already been a year or so since their comeback. Is it normal for rookies to take such a long break? Not really, these days, even if you’re debut was the ultimate bop and promotions got carried out for ten years, they’ll still make one or two close comebacks, that’s the only way the audience will remember them. That’s why I wondered about their disbandment. It turned out to be plain ass foreshadowing.

Moonhee and Hayoon remain in Maroo Entertainment and will debut with the companie’s upcoming girl group in January 2017. Is it just me who thinks it’s a bit too soon? For some reason, I can’t see it go well for these girls either… 😦





humm let’s just skip the part where I agressively fangirl over THIS LIT ASS BOMB DEBUT THAT THE ENITRE HUMANITY NEEDS TO ACKNOWLEDGE and go directly to the part where I ask you something stupid

What do these videos have in common?

If you say ex KARA members, you are mean and the answer is no.


ytghyjuguiguhjhg jhbhjbjkhuhuhuh

I don’t know about you but I got some hardcore feels for this guy last year after his performance with Goo Hara. Like seriously, have you seen that mv? Hum, do yourself a favor?

Every time I watched their performance  on music shows I’d think something like god are those sunglasses necessary i want to know what do you look like in case you show up somewhere else BC HUM YOU DANCE VERY WELL HAH but the punk never did. GLAD HE DIDNT THO

I have been following KARD since the first teasers were released so, trust me, if it wasn’t for him wearing sunglasses during their performance at the debut party I’d still be clueless right now.

Turns out, member BM aka Matthew Kim aka representative of the letter K in KARD was THAT guy, Goo Hara’s partner during Choco Chip Cookies promotions, the punk that never took off his sunglasses.

I found this so randomly, I was just watching their debut party performance and suddenly he popped out of nowhere and the god damn sunglasses gave it all away, I instantly went like HOLD THE FUDGE UP YOU ARE THAT GUY and for a split second my brain froze and i was like omfjhhdf he looks like him but it doesnt make much sense bc trainees dont go around collaborating with artists from others labeLSKJJFDJ WAIT GOO HARA MEANS KARA KARA MEANS DSP MEDIA DSP MEDIA MEANS KARD HOLY SHGUIDGYY

It’s so clear now



uygyugyuyygygu iuhuihujhuj

the guy was already serious bias material before debut what im i suppOSED TO DO NOW

p.s – ok if u still doubting me go ahead but its actually on wikipedia already lmao



December 7th, it’s GFriend’s Sowon’s birthday~~


Today is Kim So Jung’s (aka Sowon) 21st birthday (22nd in korean age). Sowon is a member of the korean girl group GFriend (they are under Source Music) in which she’s the leader, main rapper, vocalist and visual.

GFriend debuted on January 14th, 2015 with the single Glass Bead, you can watch it here.  If you’re into the K-Pop thing then you defenitely know how GFriend have killing the charts for quiet a while. Glass Bead didn’t receive much attention, which is common since it was debut single and they’re from a minor label. However, the summer of 2015 was deadass dominated by Me Gustas Tubut their real bop wasn’t dropped until Rough which collected about 15 wins on music shows. GFriend are now the korean girl group with the biggest amount of wins on music shows in a year, with a total of 29.

But enough of GFriend! This is dedicated to our leader Sowon 🙂

Sowon is the loving mother in GFriend. Seriously, she cares so much about her members, she’s so cautious and works so hard to keep the girls happy. Every girl group deserves a leader like her. She’s more the quiet kind of girl but can still can make others laugh. She’s very skilled, she has a beautiful voice, dances amazingly well and speaks korean and japanese. Sowon is also very popular because people consider her body to have the “golden ration”.

Fun fact, her stage name Sowon (소원) means “wish” in english :3

Happy birthday to our loving leader Sowon! Wish her to spend a wonderful day near her members and loved ones~ 언니 사랑해 ♥♥