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Question: what’s so good about Fall?

A: Cold?


A: Rain?


A: Halloween?


A: Walnuts? pumPKinS? sweET POTATOES?



Am I the only one going crazy over the amount of comebacks happening these days? If I add that to school and k-dramas and doing youtube hoW DO I KEEP UP

Since there’s no way I can avoid these bops dropping all over the place, I might aswell embrace them. Therefore, I leave you with my most recent MV reactions ((((((:

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Yall thought I would forget? HAHA AS IF

Hey, I’m back again! Though I haven’t been able to cover the latest events and birthdays in the last weeks, I worked my ass off the be able to film, edit and have this video up in time! Of course, I would never skip on watching BTS’ comeback no matter how busy I was, but filming a reaction video is a whole other level.

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Anyway, my BLACKPINK reaction video did quite well, that’s one of the reasons why I thought about doing this too! IT HIT 1K VIEWS!!!!!

Alright, let me know your feedback on this video. Please don’t be too shocked, after all, this is the first time I’m showing the surface of the fangirl inside me on YouTube. Hopefully you’ll find it relatable? Hahahah

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April’s Fool joke? Hah, so we thought…

Kai and Krystal for W Magazine Korea
Kai and Krystal for W Magazine Korea

I know this is already old news for everyone but I still felt like writing a quick post regarding this!

The past 1st of April was quite crazy for a lot of fangirls out there. We all expected to be fooled by a bunch of jokes and pranks – including BTS’ Twitter account becoming dedicated to our¬†Ž∂Äžāį Žā®žěźŽď§ (men of Busan) – more like¬†Ž∂Äžāį žēĄžĚīŽď§ (kids of Busan). We were quietly living our lives when the news about¬†Kaistal being real started popping out of nowhere so fast we didn’t even have time¬†to breathe. The truth is, the first thing i thought 0.3 seconds after I got my eyes on these articles for the first time was¬†WOAH AMAZING APRIL FOOLS JOKE DO YOU THINK IM STUPID, I swear. And I kept that attitude for some good four or five hours until some people on my timeline started ponderating that maybe, just maybe, couldn’t this be true?

Turns out it was. Shortly after, the internet literally exploded with the news that SM Entertainment had indeed confirmed the dating rumors of Kai and Krystal. At this point, it was useless to stay in the stage of denial. It was time to accept.

Now, I’m only speaking for myself here, I have no clue how you guys reacted to these news. Frankly, It took me quite the time to take this in simply for the fact that I absolutely did NOT foresee this. It’s happening. That awkward-confusing-breath-taking moment you barely experience throughout your fangirl life unless you are very unfortunate – your idol is dating.

On the other hand, I kind of ship them… and with kind of ship I actually mean yAS THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER YES YESGVSDH THE SHIP HAS SAILED OKMFJDS confusing much? Let me get this straight then.

Bear in mind I am not particularly experienced in this, it’s not like my idols go around dating someone all the time. In fact, the only two times I went through this was when Harry Styles dated Taylor Swift and, most recently, Kendall Jenner. Either way, both where painful enough for me to have some saying on the¬†matter.

When I first read the news about Kaistal not being an April Fools joke, i dropped everything. Literally. No, actually, literally, I was holding a towel I was about to hang on the clothesline and it fell off my hands. Holy shit. It was no joke, all the articles were true afterall. My brain was racing while trying to process this information and five hundred thoughts were going through my mind – I was experiencing¬†shock. I wasn’t upset, or angry, or sad or anything like it. I was simply shocked and felt slightly oblivious.

As I kept thinking about the situation, I went back a few months, to when the photoshoot for the photos above happened and realized Kaistal wasn’t that unexpected for me afterall. The photoshoot happened around June-July, I hadn’t been into EXO for long at that time (about three months) and i didn’t even stan f(x) or SHINee yet. I remember how everyone was so thrilled over TaeKai (Taemin was also on the photoshoot) and how much they shipped TaeKai more than Kaistal. But to be honest, I remember seeing those photos back then and thinking¬†woah how are they all so handsome? like, the three of them. Ahhh she’s so lucky. Aren’t they all from SM? I could actually imagine Krystal with either Kai or Taemin… But more with Kai. Doubt me if you want,¬†but I’m 99% sure I thought about this. honESTLY IM NOT EVEN 100% SURE ANYMORE MAYBE MY BRAIN IS MAKING ME THINK I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS JUST SO I’D BE LESS SHOCKED WHO KNOWS – this right here, friends, is what I call experiencing¬†confusion.

Whenever you are going through any kind of fangirling crisis the best you can do is talk it out with your friends¬†aka scream it out with your friends which also works if your screaming is simply discussing the matter in caps lock on your group chat. We were all caught off guard with this, some more than the others as one of my friends is Kai biased :// but expressing our emotions and relating to each other’s points of view really helped calming down our feels. And eventually we were able to move to the final stage of reacting to these news. Not gonna lie though, As you talk it out with your friends and let out the thousands of thoughts that are going through your brain, you’ll all experience the most famous of all stages –¬†denial – even if you’re willing to accept the news.

Lastly, what is more tiring for a fangirl than spending a few hours letting out her feels in constant caps lock? Not many things are.¬†Gladly, me and my friends started to take in the news at some point and by the end of day I’m sure we all started to see the light at the end of tunnel, the last stage –¬†acceptance. The are, actually, two different paths you can pursue when you reach the last stage –¬†acceptance¬†and¬†rejection. The thing is, rejection only occurs if you absolutely do not approve in any possible way the slightest chance¬†of the situation occuring and your brain is uncapable of conceiving the idea of it ever happening. Most of the time, people that choose rejection even unstan the artist.

Seriously now. Though I did go through all these weird phases, I was never sad or angry at Kai or Krystal. I was just surprised and caught off guard as I never thought too seriously about the possibility of this happening, but for SM to actually come forward and confirm the rumors it’s because this is serious. I don’t believe there’s the need to start with the clich√© conversation that¬†we are just fans and we have no saying in the choices they make regarding their personal life because everybody has already hear that and I want to believe you all agree the IT IS TRUE THAT WE SHOULDN’T HAVE ANY SAYING ON THE MATTER. So, let’s all stay in our lanes and support them if we actually care about them. And by supporting them, it doesn’t mean you have to ship them, just respect their decision!

How did you react to the news? Did you also went through these stages?