Another year, another championship!img_20170106_090124

It has been announced that the 2017 ISAC are a go! Recording is set to happen on January 16th and airing date hasn’t been announced yet. Above are the groups scheduled to take part on this edition. Please note that I’m not sure if this is the final line-up.

I was looking forward to see KARD… Guess these co-ed kings and queens still have a few things to overcome… BUT THEY WILL GET THERE

Just one question… is ALL of NCT going to take part in this? I mean NCT U has what 6 members? Uhhh Taeil, Taeyong, Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Mark. Yeah 6. Then it’s NCT 127 whis has 9 members but you gotta exclude Taeil, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Doyoung and Mark which make 5 so, 4 members. NCT Dream is 7 members but excluding  Mark and Haechan its only 5 so there are 15 members… Eh now that I did the math it’s not such an extraordinary number but it’ll probably only be NCT 127 or perhaps NCT 127 + NCT U. I don’t see NCT Dream taking part in this, SM likes to keep the kids in the dungeon. We’ll see though! Are you excited about this year’s ISAC?

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Can’t believe they’ve been going around touching my idols’ intimate parts im smh


If you’re the least familiar with the korean variety show industry, you’ve defenitely heard of programs like Infinite ChallengeRunning ManGAG Concert and of course, SNL Korea. It’s a live comedy sketch show the often features celebrities, such as K-Pop idols. It seems that before every show, the crew members hold this kind of ritual – talk, joke around, hand out – to lighten the mood and put the guests at ease in order for the show to go smoothly. It sounds alright so far, I myself think it’s a very good method to help entertainers put the best show possible. However, here’s what some female cast members have been doing as a part of the so-called ritual.

First, Block B

This is honestly so ugly. I feel terrible for them, they tried to take this as lightly as possible but of course, some members couldn’t hide the discomfort. ZICO, as the leader, had to say his “speech” but it’s pretty obvious he was still shocked about what had just happened. Bear in mind they also had ZICO and Park Kyung kiss during their appearence on the show. Sure, you can come at me saying they could have refused, but don’t we know how the entertainment industry works? The audience wants to see the crazy stuff. You don’t want to do it? Fine. Just don’t whine about the ugly comments on the internet later on. That’s how things roll, what good would have come out for them and the rest of the group if they had refused to do it?

Then, B1A4

To me this was the worst, or in a better choice of words, this one makes me the most uncomfortable out of all. It’s honestly so clear how taken aback all of them were. Seriously, only Sandeul was capable to act as if nothing happened. CNU, Jinyoung, Baro and of course, Gongchan too didn’t even try to hide it.

More recently, the same happened to Infinite. As we’re all capable to put two and two together, what is the most likely it’s that the same has happened to the other boy groups that have guested on the show. I couldn’t manage to put the video of the incident occuring with Infinite, for the sake of us all, I believe. Want to know the worst? One of the comedians actually yelled “I touched them all”. As I watched the video, it seemed that one of the male crew members lowkey scolded Lee Se Young – the one who made that gross comment – for her behaviour, but it’s not clear.

As expected, a public apology has been posted on their facebook page. Not that I care much to be honest. Clearly, this has happened more times than we can imagine but the statement made by SNL regarding this issue, aswell as Lee Se Young’s public apology seemed to be directed only to the B1A4 incident. Aren’t they aware we know this has happened in other occasions? Doesn’t this mean there’s no actual regret behind these apologies? Yikes.



September 5th, it’s B1A4’s Cha Sun Woo‘s birthday 😀

Baro for ELLE magazine

Today is Baro’s 23rd birthday (24th in korean age). Baro is a member of the korean boy group B1A4 (they are under WM Entertainment) in which he is the main rapper. They debuted on MBC’s Show! Music Core on April 23, 2011.

Besides being a rapper and lyricist, Baro is also an actor. In 2013, he played the role of Binggeure/Kim Dong-Jun one of the main characters on tvN’s drama Reply 1994; in 2014 Baro also played the main character’s role – Ki Young-Gyu on SBS’s drama God’s Gift – 14 Days; Baro also joined the cast of two korean dramas this year – Mnet’s Persevere, Goo Hae-ra and MBC’s Angry Mom; he also starred in a web drama called LOSS:TIME:LIFE, which was based on the japanese drama of the same name.

Baro has also been to some of the most famous variety shows like MBC’s ISACWeekly IdolImmortal SongsLet’s Go Dream Team!We Got Married (as a surprise guest), Infinite Challenge, Hello Counselour, Running Man and Happy Together.

Baro is without a doubt one of the most talented idols out there! So proud of my bias ♡♡♡ He’s always so caring with his friends and fans, Banas wish the best for you Baro oppa ~~♡



August 14th, it’s Gong Chan Sik‘s birthday!!

large (3)

Today is Gongchan’s 22nd birthday (23rd in korean age). Gongchan is a member of the korean boyband B1A4 (they are under WM Entertainment). He is a vocalist, face of the group and maknae (youngest member). Gongchan recently “debuted” as an MC on KBS’s Global Request Show: A Song For You Season 4 (along with f(x)’s Amber and Super Junior’s Kangin).

Happy birthday Gongchan oppa from BANAs!! Congrats on B1A4’s recent comeback, Sweet Girl is hella catchy ^^ ~~