I blocked you and I’m not sorry


If you’re part of kpop stan twitter and someone as blocked you recently… that was probably me. (jk it’s very unlikely it was me but keep reading).

2017 was awesome and awful in many different ways. Regardless, one of the decisions I made for myself was to be more positive this year. So my hobby on twitter has partially been to block every. hateful. soul. that shows up on my timeline.

Of course, dear old @/universe decided to pull a ‘jokes on you’ and start a fanwar between EXO-L and ARMY!!1 seriously.

I will kill you and eat you alive. I will gut your insides out, you frog and eat your intestines in front of your family. Wanna be more insensitive? I’ll put the blood of your guts on your grave stone too. So better shut up anD LEarN hOw To BE resPECTful UIGIUFIDUGAGIUS-

sorry got messed up there because I FELT SO STUPID QUOTING THAT OHMYGOD.

Credit to the owner of that tweet, user cbxagency who has been deactivated hopefully from all internet for the rest of her life. She really coming at ARMY’s telling them to be respectful with such words? This person needs some therapy, I’m not even joking.

The war that broke out this morning was due to some k-ARMYs misinterpretation of Baekhyun’s (EXO) words. It later took such proportions, some people were assuming Baekhyun told a fan that having a depression isn’t a real problem ?? and Baekhyun ended up apologizing on his instagram – for something he didn’t do because he really didn’t do anything wrong.

And after Baek’s heartfelt message, EXO-Ls were triggered, and so on…

Here’s some of my activity on twitter


Because suddenly it was no longer about the OP with depression but exo-l and army dragging each other’s favs. smh


it takes you about six years of stan twt to know how to say the right things without blowing up *pats own back* well done, Cat

passive aggressive but still cool

RT but let’s not forget literally E V E R Y fandom, really no exception, has garbage

it really annoys me how some ARMYs are so focused on keeping the charts and stuff no matter what is going on around them like literally it’s the apocalypse and Earth boutta blow up and ARMY is like nOO i need to watch 5 more times to increase views !

Don’t take me wrong, I’m ARMY too but I also like to be a rational person.

this THIS

this person is so accurate i loooove

this is an important analogy ok. yes, of course there are LOADS of decent people in this fandom and we should always be careful when generalizing. I do too sometimes.



and to illustrate what I meant

Meanwhile Logan Paul was out there in Japan’s suicide forest making fun of dead bodies for fame, Fantagio Ent is falling apart, Bae Joo Hyun is now almost and thirty and the WORST is school starts again tomorrow.

Happy New Year fellow fans.

I blocked you and I’m not sorry

#7 CHEAT SHEET – BOYFRIEND (nation’s real boyfriends)

Show them love so they can have a comeback. Their company doesn’t really like them.


Yes, Youngmin and Kwangmin are twins. Good luck telling them apart!

#7 CHEAT SHEET – BOYFRIEND (nation’s real boyfriends)


January 2nd, it’s 24K’s Jinhong’s birthday

cr. 24K France

Today is Kim Jinhong’s 20th birthday (21st in korean age). Jinhong is a member of the korean boy group 24K (they are under Choeun Entertainment) in which he is the leader vocalist, lead dancer and visual.

Along with Hui (former member) he joined in 24K in 2015.

24K have been through such a rough path. Really, one of the K-Pop groups I admire the most if not the one.

Nearly a year ago I was so lucky to be able to see their performance live. Really, to see the proof of their hard work and effort live was amazing. They are amazing. They keep fighting and working hard for their dreams after so many obstacles, so many internal problems, such bad management and unsuccessful promotions. Their time is coming, I know it. Such talented beings can’t remain unknown for this long.

Here’s why it’s all on the management and not the talent:

Meet the rest of 24K here!

Also, here’s my experience meeting 24K



Here are 2018’s soon to be kings. It’s been too long of this world under appreciating 24K and I won’t have it no more. This will be 24K’s year!

Sungoh (hiatus)

Watch their MVs while you’re at it





No joke guys, I actually predicted their disbandment. Not because I disliked them or wanted them to disband, but myB weren’t able to grab a big audience to begin with and their following comeback went down the same way.

It’s not like groups go around disbanding every day, but I worry a lot about this due to the amount of groups we have out there these days. It’s simply impossible for everyone to achieve no.1 so it’s not surprising that at some point disbandments will be as frequent as debuts. I stan a lot of underrated groups so I often prepare myself for the worst, if the successful ones disband won’t the same happen to the others?

That’s why, about two weeks ago, I was listening to Ddo Ddo and suddenly realized it had already been a year or so since their comeback. Is it normal for rookies to take such a long break? Not really, these days, even if you’re debut was the ultimate bop and promotions got carried out for ten years, they’ll still make one or two close comebacks, that’s the only way the audience will remember them. That’s why I wondered about their disbandment. It turned out to be plain ass foreshadowing.

Moonhee and Hayoon remain in Maroo Entertainment and will debut with the companie’s upcoming girl group in January 2017. Is it just me who thinks it’s a bit too soon? For some reason, I can’t see it go well for these girls either… 😦



December 2nd, it’s Stellar’s Gayoung’s birthday~~


Today is Kim Gayoung’s 25th birthday (26th in korean age). Gayoung is a member of the korean girl group Stellar (they are under The Entertainment Pascal, Shinhwa’s Eric’s label) in which she’s a visual, lead vocalist, main rapper and leader.

Gayoung debuted with Stellar in August 28th, 2011 with the song Rocket Girl; she was part of the original line-up.

Here are some of Stellar’s hits and latest releases!

don’t wanna sound biased or anything STING IS SUCH A BOP GO LISTEN TO IT RN

Honestly speaking, there isn’t much to tell about Gayoung because, as sad as it is to admit it, Stellar isn’t particularly popular. Sure, they’ve dropped bops, a bunch of them, but for some reason the audience doesn’t seem to acknowledge them? These girls have gone through so many hardships and their disband sounds like an explosive waiting for the timer to go off. I don’t want this post to sound like I’m begging for you to pay attention to this group, but it really breaks my heart to see their talent go to waste.

How about we show our leader Gayoung some love today? ♥



At this point I might just contact Jackie Chan myself…….


It might be a little weird that I’m only approaching this matter now, but the thing is, I’ve been waiting for about a year for an actual announcement. Let’s make a recap, in case some of you might not know what the hell I’m talking about.

JJCC, the first idol group produced under Jackie Chan Group Korea (or whatever the hell the name of the label is) has had some up and downs in the past year. Their last comebacks weren’t particularly successful but the group seems to be doing much better internationally, in Japan for example – kind of what happens with MYNAME.

While this was going on last year, Prince Mak – or Henry, as I like to call him because I honestly detest that stage name – was diagnosed with tympanitis while in Australia (where he’s from) and then decided to stay in order to have it treated. The thing is, there has been no update on his status. I mean, we do get updated through his social media so we know what he’s up to, but where does he stand in JJCC at this point? Does he stand at all? I believe not, in fact, everyone believes not since he has been removed from JJCC’s website where they now refer to them as a 6-member group. He is also considered an ex-member in several websites such as Wikipedia.

This is where I get extremly upset. Why do labels feel the need to drag on this kind of situations? I remember well, the same happened when Tao injured his leg and was on hiatus, only for the so-called hiatus to become an eternity, having it taken SM about 3 or 4 months to officially announce he was no longer a member, when everyone else was expecting that already. As a fan, I feel wronged and super frustrated. I do not need to know what is going on on their personal life, but the status of his career? I think we have the right to know that. Jackie Chan Group Korea should announce something regarding this already, this is becoming too frustrating to bear.


UPDATE: Short before I posted this, I had left a comment on kpopinfo114’s profile for JJCC as I noticed they mantained Henry as a member. My comment said “I believe Prince Mak has left the group… Though there was no official announcement from their label, his photo and profile have been removed from their official website and he has been busy with activities in China, it’s highly unlikely that he will return. He had been on hiatus due to tympanitis.” I was then informed that, even though that’s most likely what happened, there are also rumors that he will still be joining the group on their chinese promotions. Adding that to the absense of an official statement of his departure, it becomes, indeed, impossible to determinate whether he has left or not.

It still doesn’t make full sense though because, again, he was removed from the official website and they’re not counting him as a member when they refer to JJCC as a 6-member group, even if he’ll only promote in China. Henry Lau and Zhou Mi also only promote with SuJu in China, but don’t they still count as members?



I got nothing to say.

No seriously, can this get more confusing?

I went to dig this up a little more and FINALLY GOT TO A CONCLUSION

Henry STILL IS a part of JJCC, however, after his hiatus, members carried on with new promotions not only in Korea but also in Japan. After his recovery, it was complicated to suddenly add him to current promotions. As you might imagine, every thing from shows to photoshoots and other events are meticulously planned in advance so they probably excluded Henry from these because nobody knew when he would be ok to return.

To say he was “excluded” might sound a little rude but it’s not like he was forced to stay in China at home while the other members went around in their activities. Henry was allowed to have his own schedule and persue his solo activities in China, that’s where everyone got confused. But worry not, Henry is still a part of JJCC and will join the members after they finish their activities in Japan!