Ahh seriously… Do you ever feel like your life is slowly becoming a K-Drama? Because SAME. Right now it feels like things around me belong to some messed up dimension between EXO Next Door, You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin! and School 2015 with a hint of Descendants Of The Sun.

DOTS because of Kang Moyeon. That girl is literally me, I never thought I’d find a K-Drama character this relatable. We think alike 99% of the time and by now I’m sure her character is a Taurus like me look at me applying the small bits of the zodiac signs I know. She’s also a workaholic and, though I don’t have a job I have school, recently I pretty much breathe for school. Eat, don’t really sleep, study. That’s my daily routine lately.

School 2015 because school life is becoming more and more tiring by the minute. I don’t mean class-wise, I actually mean the overall time spent at school and seeing the exact some people. Everyday. It becomes exhausting when you go to the same school for five years. I also relate a lot to one of Eun Byul’s friends when it comes to future projects… I have 0 clues about what I want to do when I grow up.

You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin! because while I’m trying to keep my mind sane I have a few hobbies, one of them being acting. No, don’t get too excited, I’m no famous actress here in Portugal, I just do a few appearances in soap operas every now and then. It’s good to earn your own money. Now, just like our Soon Shin, I’m a big ass shy/awkward/living meme. A couple weeks ago I shot a scene for an upcoming soap opera where I had two lines. It was hella simple. But little miss Cat had to go and goD DAMN LEAVE THE SCENE WALKING ON GHE WORNG DIRECTION. Only me. I can’t even describe the embarrassment that filled me in that moment. I HAD ONE JOB DAMMIT

Also EXO Next Door because GUESS WHO GOT HERSELF A COLD A DAY BEFORE HER BIOLOGY MIDTERM? CAT DID! Just like Ji Yeonhee, the tricky open window was letting in this killer breeze that eventually got the best of me. The difference between me and Yeonhee is that there is no way I could possible stay at home today thanks to that God damn midterm. Also, EXO isn’t living next door.

So yeah, I basically just revealed my life to you guys. You just combine these K-Dramas and remove all the boy drama tho I have it let’s be honest here who doesn’t I just rather not talk about it and that’s what my life sumes up to!

Is your life also becoming a K-Drama? Good luck… but don’t stress over it, I’m sure everything will turn out alright~~ don’t forget to stay healthy!



April 12th, it’s EXO’s Sehun‘s birthday!!


Today is Oh Sehun’s 22nd birthday (23rd in korean age).  He is a member of the korean boy group EXO – EXO-K (they are under SM Entertainment) in which he is the lead dancer, rapper, sub-vocalist and maknae. Just like all the members, he was attributed a super power – Wind.

Sehun is a former ulzzang. He was street-casted by a talent agent when he was 12 years old. He joined SM Ent. in 2008; he auditioned four times in two years. He was introduced as a member of EXO on January 10th, 2012 and later debuted with the rest of the group on January 30th. He is a former student at School Of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA).

FUNNIEST FACT EVER: when Sehun was street-casted, he was having lunch with his friends. He started running away from the agent anD THE MAN CHASED HIM FOR 30 MINUTES TIL HE GOT A HOLD OF HIM LMAO ITS SO FUNNY TO PICTURE LITTLE FETUS SEHUN RUNNING AWAY FROM A TALENT AGENT HAHAHA

It’s my dear bias’ birthday! I’m so proud of Sehun, he is so incredibly precious I’m not even sure if this world deserves him. The immense talent and kindness in this kid is incomparable, I’m very thankful for him.

Aigoo, our aegyo master is so grown up~ 생일 축하해요 우리 세훈이 ❤️



April’s Fool joke? Hah, so we thought…

Kai and Krystal for W Magazine Korea
Kai and Krystal for W Magazine Korea

I know this is already old news for everyone but I still felt like writing a quick post regarding this!

The past 1st of April was quite crazy for a lot of fangirls out there. We all expected to be fooled by a bunch of jokes and pranks – including BTS’ Twitter account becoming dedicated to our 부산 남자들 (men of Busan) – more like 부산 아이들 (kids of Busan). We were quietly living our lives when the news about Kaistal being real started popping out of nowhere so fast we didn’t even have time to breathe. The truth is, the first thing i thought 0.3 seconds after I got my eyes on these articles for the first time was WOAH AMAZING APRIL FOOLS JOKE DO YOU THINK IM STUPID, I swear. And I kept that attitude for some good four or five hours until some people on my timeline started ponderating that maybe, just maybe, couldn’t this be true?

Turns out it was. Shortly after, the internet literally exploded with the news that SM Entertainment had indeed confirmed the dating rumors of Kai and Krystal. At this point, it was useless to stay in the stage of denial. It was time to accept.

Now, I’m only speaking for myself here, I have no clue how you guys reacted to these news. Frankly, It took me quite the time to take this in simply for the fact that I absolutely did NOT foresee this. It’s happening. That awkward-confusing-breath-taking moment you barely experience throughout your fangirl life unless you are very unfortunate – your idol is dating.

On the other hand, I kind of ship them… and with kind of ship I actually mean yAS THEY LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER YES YESGVSDH THE SHIP HAS SAILED OKMFJDS confusing much? Let me get this straight then.

Bear in mind I am not particularly experienced in this, it’s not like my idols go around dating someone all the time. In fact, the only two times I went through this was when Harry Styles dated Taylor Swift and, most recently, Kendall Jenner. Either way, both where painful enough for me to have some saying on the matter.

When I first read the news about Kaistal not being an April Fools joke, i dropped everything. Literally. No, actually, literally, I was holding a towel I was about to hang on the clothesline and it fell off my hands. Holy shit. It was no joke, all the articles were true afterall. My brain was racing while trying to process this information and five hundred thoughts were going through my mind – I was experiencing shock. I wasn’t upset, or angry, or sad or anything like it. I was simply shocked and felt slightly oblivious.

As I kept thinking about the situation, I went back a few months, to when the photoshoot for the photos above happened and realized Kaistal wasn’t that unexpected for me afterall. The photoshoot happened around June-July, I hadn’t been into EXO for long at that time (about three months) and i didn’t even stan f(x) or SHINee yet. I remember how everyone was so thrilled over TaeKai (Taemin was also on the photoshoot) and how much they shipped TaeKai more than Kaistal. But to be honest, I remember seeing those photos back then and thinking woah how are they all so handsome? like, the three of them. Ahhh she’s so lucky. Aren’t they all from SM? I could actually imagine Krystal with either Kai or Taemin… But more with Kai. Doubt me if you want, but I’m 99% sure I thought about this. honESTLY IM NOT EVEN 100% SURE ANYMORE MAYBE MY BRAIN IS MAKING ME THINK I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS JUST SO I’D BE LESS SHOCKED WHO KNOWS – this right here, friends, is what I call experiencing confusion.

Whenever you are going through any kind of fangirling crisis the best you can do is talk it out with your friends aka scream it out with your friends which also works if your screaming is simply discussing the matter in caps lock on your group chat. We were all caught off guard with this, some more than the others as one of my friends is Kai biased :// but expressing our emotions and relating to each other’s points of view really helped calming down our feels. And eventually we were able to move to the final stage of reacting to these news. Not gonna lie though, As you talk it out with your friends and let out the thousands of thoughts that are going through your brain, you’ll all experience the most famous of all stages – denial – even if you’re willing to accept the news.

Lastly, what is more tiring for a fangirl than spending a few hours letting out her feels in constant caps lock? Not many things are. Gladly, me and my friends started to take in the news at some point and by the end of day I’m sure we all started to see the light at the end of tunnel, the last stage – acceptance. The are, actually, two different paths you can pursue when you reach the last stage – acceptance and rejection. The thing is, rejection only occurs if you absolutely do not approve in any possible way the slightest chance of the situation occuring and your brain is uncapable of conceiving the idea of it ever happening. Most of the time, people that choose rejection even unstan the artist.

Seriously now. Though I did go through all these weird phases, I was never sad or angry at Kai or Krystal. I was just surprised and caught off guard as I never thought too seriously about the possibility of this happening, but for SM to actually come forward and confirm the rumors it’s because this is serious. I don’t believe there’s the need to start with the cliché conversation that we are just fans and we have no saying in the choices they make regarding their personal life because everybody has already hear that and I want to believe you all agree the IT IS TRUE THAT WE SHOULDN’T HAVE ANY SAYING ON THE MATTER. So, let’s all stay in our lanes and support them if we actually care about them. And by supporting them, it doesn’t mean you have to ship them, just respect their decision!

How did you react to the news? Did you also went through these stages?






I’m sorry.

Before I even start, click here for NCT U’s MV for the song The 7th Sense.

Alright. So, It’s been quite a while since it was announced that SM Rookies were FINALLY going to debut. From that moment I started preparing myself mentally. Yes, I needed preparation, they’re a group under SM Ent. afterall… Let’s be real, as much of a crazy that company is, they have never failed at debuting amazing artists. I already knew I was gonna surrender to NCT from the start. I was right.

Here’s a tad more of info about these boys. I guarantee you they are no ordinary rookie group.

NCT is the actual name of the whole group; stands for Neo Culture Technology. By the time their debut was announced, some other news came along. The truth is, this group currently has a total of 40 members. Hold on, I need a sec.


40 members. For now.

For now?

Yes, friends. For now.

I admit I’m not 100% sure about this information. Only 99.9%… simply because I find it hard to even conceive the idea of a boy group with 40 members.

Fear not! Lee Soo Man has thought of everything! eh it’s not like that happens often . The group will debut by sub-unit, not as a whole. Meaning, all members are divided in sub-units from the start. That’s where NCT U comes from, these six boys are only a sub-unit of this much bigger group. From what I’ve learned in every website, blog, vlog and fan account, though the group has 40 members at the moment, the idea is to add more as time passes if the group turns out to be successful.

With that in mind… things aren’t looking good for us, fangirls. Successful? If there’s something I’m sure these boys will be surrounded by is success. All I needed to deduce that was NCT U’s first MV and a couple videos from the SM Rookies show. They’ve got the talent and they’ve got the looks. What else is needed?

Knowing SM Entertainment, I was already expecting an awesome track for their debut, but The 7th Sense literally blew me away. The song might be incredibly simple but it is also incredibly good. The choreography looks flawless aswell and I’m very excited to see their live stages. The MV was a huge truck of aesthetic and pops of colors. I LOVED IT

NCT U’s debut consists of two digital singles – another single will be released tomorrow (10th of April) for the song Without You, this time sub-unit leader Taeil will be featured! – he wasn’t on The 7th Sense. Don’t forget to check that out tomorrow!

I’m super excited to see what’s going to come out of this new project and I shamelessly admit I’m already staning them and possibly biased Ten…

What did you think of NCT U?

p.s.- uhh I don’t know much but I believe there have been some issues regarding member Taeyong in the past… I don’t want to get into details nor defend him nor anything like that. Anyhow, everyone makes mistakes and has the right to regret them so how bad could it be to give him a second chance? And even if you don’t want to, at least be here for the music. Even if you can’t accept certain things, it’s not wrong to accept their talent (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥



April 9th, it’s Block B’s U-Kwon‘s birthday~


Today is Kim Yu Kwon’s 24th birthday (25th in korean age). He is a member of the Korean boy group Block B (they are under Seven Seasons) in which he is a vocalist and lead dancer.

AHHHH ITS SO LATE – 00h52AM – I could sit here and write stuff like uhh U-Kwon has done this, that and that but, whenever I write about my biases I tend to feel a bit more inspired lmao

If you stan Block B, you already know everything there is to know about this kid. If not, let me introduce him to you:

This is U-Kwon, The Goofball aka my bias in Block B. He’s a precious little awkward child filled with tons of talent; he reads manga and likes cats. His smile is beautiful.

Seriously. That’s all you need to know about U-Kwon. If you’re still having a hard time believing he is one of the most lovable people in this world, well then… idk maybe yOU SHOULD GO STAN BLOCK B AND SEE FOR YOURSELF HAH no nevermind ya’ll would bias him and I don’t want that ( ◡́.◡̀)\(^◡^ )

Seriously though, this boy deserves so much love ♥ Block B is probably one of the groups I’m most proud of staning and being U-Kwon my bias, I truly wish him the best of the best, always~~



April 8th, it’s SHINee’s Jonghyun‘s birthday (>‿◠)✌


Today is Kim Jonghyun’s 26th birthday (27th in korean age). He is a member of the Korean boy group SHINee (they are under SM Entertainment) in which he is the main vocalist.

Jonghyun has been involved with music ever since he was a teenager. In high school, he was part of a band named ‘Zion’ in which he was the bassist. They played at many local festivals and eventually, he was spotted by an SM Ent. employee. He joined the company in 2005 after passing the audition. He debuted with SHINee on May 22nd, 2008.

In late 2010, Jonghyun joined TRAX’ Jay, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Jino on SM Ent.’s project SM The Ballad’ (basically a ballad sub-unit). Their first single was the song Miss You.

Jonghyun has composed lyrics for many songs and not only for SHINee; songs like IU’s Gloomy Clock, Taemin’s Pretty Boy and EXO’s Playboy were written by him.

He has also released some OSTs for very famous dramas like City HunterBirth Of a BeautyWho Are You: School 2015 and Oh My Venus.

On January 7th, 2015, Jonghyun made his solo debut with the song Déjà Boo, which he composed himself, just like all the other songs in his solo debut album. Later that year, he released another solo album he composed himself entitled Story Op.1 which ranked #7 on Billboard World Albums.

Woah… so many things this guy has accomplished and worked on already! Jonghyun is probably one of the most hard-working artists out there, he is also very kind and has a beautiful heart so don’t forget to show him lots of love and always support him ♥♥♥



April 6th, it’s actress Seo Yeji‘s birthday ^^


Today is Seo Yeji’s 26th birhtday (27th in korean age). She is a korean actress.

Seo Yeji began acting in 2013, on tvN’s sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3. She’s been quite busy since then. In 2014, she earned her first major role on MBC’s drama The Night Watchman’s Journal; she also played major roles on the dramas Last and Moorim School.

Yeji has been in a few movies since her debut, one of them being The Throne in which she played the role of Queen Jeongsun.

Throughout her career, Seo Yeji has worked with several renown artists like Jung Il Woo, Lee Beom Soo, Yoo Ah In, Lee Hyun Woo, TVXQ’s U-Know, EXO’s Xiumin and VIXX’ Hongbin.

Even if you’re not familiar with Seo Yeji’s work, you might recognize her from BIGBANG’s MV for Let’s Not Fall In Love.

I recently became a fan Seo Yeji after watching Moorim School!  I can’t think of an actress that would have portrayed Shim Soon Deok better, she was always so lively and was able to perfectly transmit Shim Soon Deok’s true nature – once again, i HIGHLY recommend you ignore the ratings and go watch Moorim School. thE CHEMISTRY WITH LEE HYUN WOO THO I LOVE THEM YUN SHI WOO AND SHIM SOON DEOK MY PARENTS AGHYUJAFU

Happy birthday Yeji 언니 ≧◠‿◠≦✌



April 6th, it’s SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu‘s birthday~~


Today is Kim Mingyu’s 19th birthday (20th in korean age). He is a member of the Korean boy group SEVENTEEN (they are under Pledis Entertainment) in which he is the main rapper and face of the group; he is part of the Hip-Hop unit.

Mingyu’s specialties are rapping and acting. He trained for four years before debuting with SEVENTEEN on May 29th, 2015.

SEVENTEEN are still rookies so some of you might not know much about them yet… here are some facts about Mingyu!

He wants to try acting in the future;

His favorite number is 17 (¬‿¬)

Mingyu was once voted as the most handsome member by the other members. It’s quite hard to choose who’s better looking in SEVENTEEN… but is it just me or does Mingyu resemble Kim Soo Hyun a little?

His ideal type is a girl who is tall, kind-hearted and easy-going. I’m 163cm tall… it’s not much is it (╥﹏╥)

You can find out more about Mingyu here !


I still remember the day they debuted and I can’t believe it’s been almost a year… One thing is for sure though, these boys keep exceeding my expectations and I can’t wait to find out out what’s in store for them! Happy birthday Mingyu oppa~ work hard and stay healthy, 화이팅~~~♥♥



April 6th, it’s VIXX’ Ken‘s birthday o(^_^)o


Today is Lee Jae Hwan’s 24th birthday (25th in korean age). He is a member of the Korean boy group VIXX (they are under Jellyfish Entertainment) in which he is the main vocalist; he is also an actor.

Ken became involved with music ever since he was young. As a kid, he entered and won many singing competitions at local festivals as a soloist and later, with friends. He also won several song-writing awards before his debut with VIXX. After passing the audition for Jellyfish Entertainment, Ken trained for five months before debuting. The final line-up for VIXX was decided through Mnet’s survival show MyDol, the group debuted on May 24th, 2012.

His first peformance as an actor was in 2014 on MBC Every 1’s drama Boarding House No. 24 as part of the main cast. Since then he has been in a couple musicals such as Cinderella in which he played the role of Prince Christopher.

Ken has also released OSTs for a few dramas – The HeirsFated To Love You and Moorim School.

It’s kind of heard to put into words how precious this sunshine is! Ken is so amazingly talented and kind, true bias material (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ Starlights wish him a super wonderful birthday~~



Sad news 😦
maxresdefault (1)
YG Entertainment announced today that 2NE1’s member Minzy has officially left the group. The group is set to make a comeback this summer.
I had just entered the classroom this morning when my friends on our group chat were saying Minzy had left 2NE1. It was kind of hard to believe it at first, I even asked if she was sure but we’ll, it was trending worldwide on Twitter…
Below is YG Ent.’s statement regarding the issue:

This is YG Entertainment’s official statement regarding the rumors of 2NE1 disbanding.

We are sorry to bring this regrettable news to 2NE1′s fans who have waited for a long time.

We are officially informing you that 2NE1′s maknae Gong Minzy will no long be able to be a part of 2NE1.

YG’s contract with 2NE1 expires on May 5, 2016. Last January, we had individual face-to-face talks with each member regarding renewing their contracts and showed our desire for the group to reform. Unfortunately, Gong Minzy did not feel the same.

Having to say goodbye to a colleague who has been with us since she was a trainee for 11 years is really difficult. However, we fully understand and respect Gong Minzy’s position as the group had to suddenly halt promotions two years ago. Thus, it is true that we feel more sorry rather than feeling unsatisfied.

After announcing Gong Minzy’s decision to leave the group, the other members were confused and asked, “Will 2NE1 disband like this?” Yang Hyun Suk met the three members and said, “I want to protect 2NE1 until the end no matter what. When it get’s difficult let’s gather together and be strong and overcome this.” Showing this strong will, the other three members are preparing a new song with a summer comeback in mind. There will be no additional members added to replace Gong Minzy.

2NE1 is a girl group who has received a lot of love from domestic and international fans, enough for a world tour, for seven years since they debuted.

Even from an international perspective, it’s not easy to keep a group active for more than seven years.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible to do so without overcoming various crises and difficulties.

Like the crisis the group experienced when they had suspended all official activities due to the incident two years ago, we will do our best to overcome this case of one member leaving the group as well.

YG and the members promise to make a strong resolution for fans who have trusted 2NE1′s music and waited.

We will promise to return with the most 2NE1-style and 2NE1-appropriate music.

Thank you.

I’m not a blackjack so there’s not much of an opinion for me to form here, except for the fact that many fans are blaming Minzy’s departure on YG’s poor management of the group lately – I agree with them. You don’t need to be a fan of 2NE1 to know their company has been slacking on them for quite long now.
After their performance at MAMA 2015, I think we were all convinced that 2NE1 was preparing to come back stronger than ever… Now we kind of feel betrayed. It’s not like CL, Dara and Bom won’t make it as a three-member-group I mean, they’re still their talented selves, but don’t try to come and tell me 2NE1’s the same without Minzy.
Blackjacks are also upset because YG Ent. decided to announce their comeback at the same time they announced Minzy’s departure, as if one thing makes up for another.
Regardless, everyone should go support Minzy and accept her choice. I also don’t want this post to sound like I’m talking you guys into blaming YG of this, I am simply sharing my opinion!
How do you guys feel about Minzy’s departure and 2NE1’s upcoming comeback?