December 4th, it’s April’s Jinsol’s birthday :3


Today is Lee Jinsol’s 15th birthday (16th in korean age). Jinsol is a member of the korean girl group April (they are under DSP Media) in which she’s a vocalist and maknae.

Jinsol debuted with April, on August 24th 2015 with the song Dream Candy – click here to watch it. She was part of the original line-up. April has made several comebacks since then and is expected to return on January 2017 along with the two new members.

Jinsol used to atend Academy Best Vocal and was a trainee for about half a year – amazing short period of time, considering some have been training for 8 years and still don’t have a debut date….

Fun fact, she used to be a trainee at JYP Entertainment, she was featured in GOT7’s MV for the song Stop Stop It. Jinsol then became best friends with TWICE member Chaeyoung!

Jinsol is such an adorable sweetheart, probably the cutest 동생 in K-Pop! Wish her a happy birthday~~