December 2nd, it’s Stellar’s Gayoung’s birthday~~


Today is Kim Gayoung’s 25th birthday (26th in korean age). Gayoung is a member of the korean girl group Stellar (they are under The Entertainment Pascal, Shinhwa’s Eric’s label) in which she’s a visual, lead vocalist, main rapper and leader.

Gayoung debuted with Stellar in August 28th, 2011 with the song Rocket Girl; she was part of the original line-up.

Here are some of Stellar’s hits and latest releases!

don’t wanna sound biased or anything STING IS SUCH A BOP GO LISTEN TO IT RN

Honestly speaking, there isn’t much to tell about Gayoung because, as sad as it is to admit it, Stellar isn’t particularly popular. Sure, they’ve dropped bops, a bunch of them, but for some reason the audience doesn’t seem to acknowledge them? These girls have gone through so many hardships and their disband sounds like an explosive waiting for the timer to go off. I don’t want this post to sound like I’m begging for you to pay attention to this group, but it really breaks my heart to see their talent go to waste.

How about we show our leader Gayoung some love today? ♥