So, this isn’t going to be fangirling related or anything, but as you may already now, this blog was never supposed to be fully about the idols I stan.

Today, the issue weighing on mine and many other people’s thoughts are the tragic events that occured in the past few hours around the world. I will not get into many details because you all already know what happened.

Some events were unavoidable, like the earthquake in Japan. However, it’s a different case with the attacks in Paris, Lebanon or the tragedy in South Korea. The causes for these aren’t natural but pure disrespect and malice for others. We may be humans but our society lacks humanity. It’s sad and feels like instead of evolving, we are in fact taking steps backwards.

I also hope that, if someone reads this, my opinion will not be tossed aside just because I am a sixteen year old girl. Being a teenager or stanning celebrities doesn’t mean I’m not educated or lack knowledge. I respect others if they do the same for the people around them, disregarding their race or beliefs. If only adults were qualified to have a credible opinion on these matters, they wouldn’t be the ones at fault for these events.

Praying for everyone who is going through tough times right now due to all of these tragedies – natural causes or not – and truly wishing for things to take a turn to the better in our world.

Fighting xx