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To judge if our dears Kris, Luhan and Zitao have been doing better or worse after departing from EXO depends on each one’s opinion. However, I’m more convinced that all three of them appear to be happier now, regardless of everything we know about SM Ent., I don’t know, they just seem more free and satisfied with what they do (regardless of all the lawsuits and all that upsetting stuff) which can be good and bad. Good because I’m happy for them, bad because it means they weren’t truly happy while in EXO.
Anyways, let’s talk about happy things like Tao’s MV for the song Crown! Wait… Z.Tao’s! Sorry, hard to get used to it…
To be very honest, I don’t consider this one of Zitao’s best songs, it’s beautiful, yes, but it didn’t really captivate me like his other chinese songs have before.
THE MUSIC VIDEO THOUGH. Shall we start with the fact that the girl who’s on the music video is portuguese? HELLO IM PORTUGUESE TOO! Can’t I be in one of his music videos aswell? No? Ok.
So, since the song isn’t one of my favorites, what caught my attention was the music video. In contrast with my opinion about the song, the music video exceeded my expectations. In my opinion this is definitely one of his best music videos because of the story it tells. The fact that it is a cycle of his life as he tries to reach out to the girl he loves… If we put it that way it sounds the cheesy and all but I really wish he would have more music videos like this, even if his other songs are more hip-hopish (new word, again) because it’ll captivate me as much as the song does. That would definitely be the best of both worlds!
Check out the music video here!
What did you think about Zitao’s song Crown and the MV?
Bear in mind that, even though this isn’t one of me favorites songs by Zitao, doesn’t mean I didn’t like it! I did, of course V(^_^)V