No joke guys, I actually predicted their disbandment. Not because I disliked them or wanted them to disband, but myB weren’t able to grab a big audience to begin with and their following comeback went down the same way.

It’s not like groups go around disbanding every day, but I worry a lot about this due to the amount of groups we have out there these days. It’s simply impossible for everyone to achieve no.1 so it’s not surprising that at some point disbandments will be as frequent as debuts. I stan a lot of underrated groups so I often prepare myself for the worst, if the successful ones disband won’t the same happen to the others?

That’s why, about two weeks ago, I was listening to Ddo Ddo and suddenly realized it had already been a year or so since their comeback. Is it normal for rookies to take such a long break? Not really, these days, even if you’re debut was the ultimate bop and promotions got carried out for ten years, they’ll still make one or two close comebacks, that’s the only way the audience will remember them. That’s why I wondered about their disbandment. It turned out to be plain ass foreshadowing.

Moonhee and Hayoon remain in Maroo Entertainment and will debut with the companie’s upcoming girl group in January 2017. Is it just me who thinks it’s a bit too soon? For some reason, I can’t see it go well for these girls either… 😦



September 27th, it’s MyB’s Joo Kyung’s birthday~~  
Today is Lee Joo Kyung’s 19th birthday (20th in korean age)! Joo Kyung is a member of the Korean girl group MyB (they are under Maroo Entertainment) in which she is the leader and rapper. However, her specialty is dance. She practiced dancing for 12 years before debuting with MyB!
There’s very little we know about the girls of MyB but they are still rookies so let’s look forward to see what they have to offer! 생일 촉하애요 언니!!



Hello hello!

Starting with this post I will be catching up on the things that happened recently regarding fandoms and idols in general that I wasn’t able to post about. Stay tuned!


Let’s start with the rookies myB

As you may guess, there’s still a lot to find out about these girls, not only about each member but also regarding their talents and music style, since they debuted practically a month ago.

However, I have to admit I have mixed feelings about them right now.

As you probably know, before the actual mv came out, an mv spoiler and a teaser were released. Personally, after watching those and seeing the promotional photos for their first single I was quite excited about their debut. However, while watching the mv and listening to the song I realized they didn’t really match my expectations… It’s just that I was expecting a different kind of song, a little less cheesy than other debut singles by most girl groups.

If you haven’t yet, you can watch the mv here

I’m not saying it’s a bad song, or that girl groups that debut with cheesy songs are bad. In fact, I stan a lot of those. It’s just that, personally, it didn’t really captivate me.

I haven’t read many other reviews about these girls and their single My Oh My so I may even be the only person with this opinion, but it doesn’t really matter because the point is to share my thoughts, not copy others.

One other thing that I noticed was that they didn’t make much of an effort creating their own style, signature (whtvr), you know? Once again, I have no idea if anyone else thought this but I noticed these five blonde girls were attributed a color each… ? I may be totally wrong but this really reminds me of someone… Red Velvet. Yeah, I got the thought that Maroo Entertainment slightly copied Red Velvet after their Ice Cream Cake comeback

But hey, it’s just my opinion and anyone out there is free to disagree.

Lastly, I just want to remind you I’m not hating on them or anything like that. I’m just sharing my thoughts on this group after their debut as I will do with many upcoming groups. Nor am I saying I won’t be listening to their music, even though their debut single was a little disappointing to me it is still catchy, I have to give it to them. Plus, I’m still looking forward to hear from them.

I’d also like to hear your thoughts on myB! What do you think about these rookies?