At this point I might just contact Jackie Chan myself…….


It might be a little weird that I’m only approaching this matter now, but the thing is, I’ve been waiting for about a year for an actual announcement. Let’s make a recap, in case some of you might not know what the hell I’m talking about.

JJCC, the first idol group produced under Jackie Chan Group Korea (or whatever the hell the name of the label is) has had some up and downs in the past year. Their last comebacks weren’t particularly successful but the group seems to be doing much better internationally, in Japan for example – kind of what happens with MYNAME.

While this was going on last year, Prince Mak – or Henry, as I like to call him because I honestly detest that stage name – was diagnosed with tympanitis while in Australia (where he’s from) and then decided to stay in order to have it treated. The thing is, there has been no update on his status. I mean, we do get updated through his social media so we know what he’s up to, but where does he stand in JJCC at this point? Does he stand at all? I believe not, in fact, everyone believes not since he has been removed from JJCC’s website where they now refer to them as a 6-member group. He is also considered an ex-member in several websites such as Wikipedia.

This is where I get extremly upset. Why do labels feel the need to drag on this kind of situations? I remember well, the same happened when Tao injured his leg and was on hiatus, only for the so-called hiatus to become an eternity, having it taken SM about 3 or 4 months to officially announce he was no longer a member, when everyone else was expecting that already. As a fan, I feel wronged and super frustrated. I do not need to know what is going on on their personal life, but the status of his career? I think we have the right to know that. Jackie Chan Group Korea should announce something regarding this already, this is becoming too frustrating to bear.


UPDATE: Short before I posted this, I had left a comment on kpopinfo114’s profile for JJCC as I noticed they mantained Henry as a member. My comment said “I believe Prince Mak has left the group… Though there was no official announcement from their label, his photo and profile have been removed from their official website and he has been busy with activities in China, it’s highly unlikely that he will return. He had been on hiatus due to tympanitis.” I was then informed that, even though that’s most likely what happened, there are also rumors that he will still be joining the group on their chinese promotions. Adding that to the absense of an official statement of his departure, it becomes, indeed, impossible to determinate whether he has left or not.

It still doesn’t make full sense though because, again, he was removed from the official website and they’re not counting him as a member when they refer to JJCC as a 6-member group, even if he’ll only promote in China. Henry Lau and Zhou Mi also only promote with SuJu in China, but don’t they still count as members?



I got nothing to say.

No seriously, can this get more confusing?

I went to dig this up a little more and FINALLY GOT TO A CONCLUSION

Henry STILL IS a part of JJCC, however, after his hiatus, members carried on with new promotions not only in Korea but also in Japan. After his recovery, it was complicated to suddenly add him to current promotions. As you might imagine, every thing from shows to photoshoots and other events are meticulously planned in advance so they probably excluded Henry from these because nobody knew when he would be ok to return.

To say he was “excluded” might sound a little rude but it’s not like he was forced to stay in China at home while the other members went around in their activities. Henry was allowed to have his own schedule and persue his solo activities in China, that’s where everyone got confused. But worry not, Henry is still a part of JJCC and will join the members after they finish their activities in Japan!