December 5th, it’s SNSD’s Yuri‘s birthday ūüėÄ


Today is Kwon Yuri’s 27th birthday (28th in korean age). Yuri¬†is a member of the korean girl group Girls’ Generation aka SNSD (žÜĆŽÖÄžčúŽĆÄ – Sonyeosidae) (they are under SM¬†Entertainment) in which she¬†is a vocalist and lead dancer.

If you asked me to describe Yuri with a word, I’d say versatile! Yuri has had a taste of almost every area of the entertainment industry. Since her debut with SNSD in 2007, she has worked not only as a singer but also as an actress, model, songwriter, TV host and even graduated from college.

She joined SM in 2001 through Casting System after achieving 2nd place in the SM Youth Best Dancer Contest. She trained for almost six years before debuting. She has released a few songs as OSTs, including Kkok for the tv drama Working Mom along with fellow member Sooyoung.

As for her acting career, she debuted in 2007 on the KBS drama Unstoppable Marriage. She later earned lead roles such as in Fashion King, Neighborhood Hero and will star next January on SBS drama Defendant.

She used to host MBC’s¬†Show! Music Core along with Tiffany. Her appearences on variety shows also include¬†Invincible Youth and¬†Law Of The Jungle.

Yuri is also an ambassador of Chung Ang University, from which she obtained her Theater and Film degree.

Yuri is one of SNSD’s main source of positivity and cheer. She has this bubbly personality that can make anyone smile, however, she’s still responsible and likes to take care of her members~

Did you get to know Yuri a bit better? Happy birthday to SONE’s cute bunny Yuri¬†‚ô°‚ô° Have a wonderful year ^^



This is really just a matter of analyzing the facts…..


You don’t need to know Taeyeon too well to know she’s the kind to lead a quiet life. In fact, you don’t need to know her at all because, even if she wished to go around wrecking performances at important awarding ceremonies and creating drama, SM Ent. wouldn’t allow that.

So for the past couple of days, there’s drama going on. On the past 2nd of December, 2016 the¬†Mnet¬†Asian¬†Music¬†Awards were held in Hong Kong. Once again, this was the stage for many amazing performances from both korean and international artists, aswell as practice venue for performances that never happened. The information got out ahead of time and, before the show, everyone already expected a Taeyeon x Wiz Khalifa collaboration, as this video showed them practicing¬†See You Again at the venue, right before the MAMA.

The thing is, the performance never happened. A lot of people were confused as to why Wiz Khalifa ended up performing alone and so the guy decided to shed some light in the midst of the confusion.


tweet here

It’s pretty clear he’s claiming she backed out of the performance because for some reason she disliked the idea of performing with him. He was also hella¬†salty on other tweets regarding this issue.


tweet here


tweet here

Upon all this, Taeyeon had no way out other than explaining what happened. Here’s the translation of what she posted on her Intagram story


The video above showed a snippet of the AR Taeyeon mentioned. It was originally posted by Khalifa’s DJ to prove that Taeyeon was indeed supposed to perform with him but what it actually proves is what Taeyeon said. We can clearly read on the file “AR Monitor”. The DJ only had the AR, Mnet only had the AR, therefore, without the MR, it was MNET WHO CANCELLED the performance.

Now, this is one plausible explanation. But things might be a bit more personal. After reading Taeyeon’s statement about the performance’s cancellation, Wiz Khalifa went and said Taeyeon had told him the previous day that she was at the hospital and after practicing, asked to be on a different stage than him and then cancelled. Tell me, where’s the sense in this? Because I really can’t see the benefits she would get from deciding this. Shit got real after Taeyeon learnt about this. Like I said before, she’s one to lead a quiet life but she definitely didn’t like how she was being accused of being unprofessional. She then shared on her snapchat how she never went to the hospital. Apparently what happened was that Taeyeon was left waiting for Wiz to rehearse until 1am and then went back to the hotel.

The speculation about why the performance was cancelled after all is going a bit overboard. Specially when Wiz Khalifa went with that “Never apologize for being yourself and never let anyone else’s self projection determine your worth“, Taeyeon antis began to bring up the dumbest reasons like Taeyeon seeking¬†for Baekhyun’s attention – even though they broke up 874644145 years ago, or saying she’s racist – as if she didn’t know Wiz Khalifa is black waaay before MAMA, or even bringing up that she has been depressed before – which is rude and disrespectful.

Of course, I too don’t know what actually went down, but who really believes Taeyeon would back out just because? Where does that make sense? I mean, we’re not talking about some random rookie singer, this is Taeyeon. If she didn’t want to perform, why would she accept it in the first place? It’s actually pretty clear in the rehearsal video how she was giving her best. Does that look to you like someone who doesn’t want to perform?

Taeyeon has made many mistakes in the past, I’m aware of that. But this time I believe she’s not at fault.




Hey hey, I’m back!

Just posted my very very very loooooong awaited Taeyeon WHY Inspired Lookbook!

I know you guys are probably getting bored of seeing me promote my YouTube channel here and for that, I’m sorry!

This video has a very special meaning to me though.

This is one of the things you only understand when you run your own YouTube channel… But to me, seeing this video online is like witnessing my child speak their first word LMAO. It took me the whole summer to put this video together. It started with planning the video’s structure in order to know where and what to film. I literally scanned my whole wardrobe to find the best fitting clothes and my friend’s wardrobe too hahaha. I watched Taeyeon’s music video countless times, I downloaded it to my phone and randomly watched it several times in a row, before and during filming, to get the vibe of the music video as accurately as possible to be able to transmit the same idea but with my own touch.

After filming I had to start this intense search for a better video editing program (because no way in hell Movie Maker would to the trick) and do I came across Wondershare Filmora <3333

When school started I was very worried because I started to have less and less time to edit and I wondered if I was ever going to be able to post this video, in which I had already put so much effort into.

Eventually, I finally saved myself two afternoons and TA-DA!

Please, show this video lots of love and maybe drop a like? Nevermind, if you can just watch it you’re already making my day.

I hope everyone that watches this video enjoys it, from the outfits to the editing and that this inspires your own personal style too! Thank you~~‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°



September 22nd, it’s Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon‘s birthday!!


Today is Kim Hyoyeon’s 27th birthday (28th in korean age).¬†Hyoyeon¬†is a member of the korean girl group Girls’¬†Generation aka SNSD (žÜĆŽÖÄžčúŽĆÄ – Sonyeosidae) (they are under SM¬†Entertainment) in which she‚Äôs¬†a¬†vocalist and main dancer.

Hyoyeon became envolved with dance from a very young age. In 1999, she joined Winners Dance School, a famous academy in Korea. Fun fact, that’s where she met Miss A’s Min and in 2004 the two girls formed the dance group¬†Little Winners.¬†In the year 2000, Hyoyeon’s mom took her to the SM Entertainment building and she then auditioned at the age of 11.

Hyoyeon is an amazing dancer. Throughout her career she has had the chance to work with renown professionals including Justin Timberlake’s choreographer, BoA and Janet Jackson.

She debuted as an idol with the members of SNSD in 2007. Since then she has appeared in a few cameos on dramas and variety shows. In 2012, she achieved second place on Dancing With The Stars.

Reecently, on June 2016, Hyoyeon was on of the contestants on¬†Hit The Stage along with SHINee’s Taemin, Infinite’s Hoya and others. She was featured on Taeyeon’s most recent mni-album¬†Why on the song¬†Up & Down. Last August, she¬†joined Min and 2AM’s Jo Kwon and the three of them formed the special group¬†Triple T. They debuted with the single¬†Born To Be Wild which featured JYP.

Happy birthday to the super talented Hyoyeon! Lots of love from Sones ^^






I won’t say these are perfect singles but it was a great idea to release one right after the other because they totally complement each other, what I mean is, what one is lacking the other is full of it.

Let’s start with Lion Heart. Personally, I think it’s a very good follow up to¬†PARTY because it’s still summerish but a totally different style, kind of reminds me of the songs in the ’50s, it’s so groovy! The lyrics and the beat are a little cheesy to me, but I’ll still download it because the fact that this song is catchy and makes me want to dance is enough to me lol. Though it’s not my favorite song, the music video totally makes up for it. SM went all in with this video, it’s colorful and fun and tells a story (I usually love this kind of music videos) and the choreography seems nice.

Now speaking of¬†You Think, like I said, what one is lacking the other is full of it, meaning that even though¬†Lion Heart didn’t exceed my expectations (in terms of lyrics and melody),¬†You Think got my total attention. The beat is really really good, with Hip Hop influences, this song is a lot more my style and I’m almost sure it’s going to slay the charts, not only in Asia. The music video is¬†a lot more simpler compared to¬†Lion Heart, but I think the song itself and even the amazing choreography make up for it.

I can’t wait to see Girls’ Generation perform these and I’m also pretty eager to check out the other tracks on their fifth album!

I can say I’m pretty satisfied with their comeback, hwaiting unnies!!~~

What’s your opinion on¬†Lion Heart? Which track do you like best,¬†Lion Heart or¬†You Think? Let me know!!