So it seems that D.O indirectly called Lee Do Yeon ‘ugly’……..


Recently, at the press conference for his upcoming movie 형 (My Annoying Brother) – lead actors consisting of D.O, Park Shin Hye and Jo Jong Suk – Kyungsoo was asked about the kiss scene he shared with Lee Do Yeon – you might remember her as the friendly ghost in Let’s Fight Ghost that accompained Kim So Hyun (Hyun Ji).

When asked about it, Kyungsoo replied something like “The kiss didn’t actually happen. It’s a relief.” He awkwardly laughed after saying this and instantly added something like “It’s a joke.”. Park Shin Hye imediately changed subject before he could add anything else.

Joke or not, it’s an bad thing to say. I love Kyungsoo but honestly I’m upset to hear about this. I believe it wasn’t his intention to ‘publicly humiliate’ Lee Do Yeon – like some people are saying – but he needs to be careful with this kind of puns because, of course, he will come out misinterpreted and the other person is bound to find it offenssive.

I support my idols throughout every hardship they face, but in situations like this I really just want them to apologize. It’s done, he can’t go back in time and correct it, but it’s only right that he clarifies the situation.

Some people, familiar with the movie’s context, are saying that the implied scene suggests an harassing situation, hence Kyungsoo’s joke. Regardless, he should have predicted the misunderstanding resulting from what he said.

Hope this issue will be solved soon.