Hey hey, I’m back!

Just posted my very very very loooooong awaited Taeyeon WHY Inspired Lookbook!

I know you guys are probably getting bored of seeing me promote my YouTube channel here and for that, I’m sorry!

This video has a very special meaning to me though.

This is one of the things you only understand when you run your own YouTube channel… But to me, seeing this video online is like witnessing my child speak their first word LMAO. It took me the whole summer to put this video together. It started with planning the video’s structure in order to know where and what to film. I literally scanned my whole wardrobe to find the best fitting clothes and my friend’s wardrobe too hahaha. I watched Taeyeon’s music video countless times, I downloaded it to my phone and randomly watched it several times in a row, before and during filming, to get the vibe of the music video as accurately as possible to be able to transmit the same idea but with my own touch.

After filming I had to start this intense search for a better video editing program (because no way in hell Movie Maker would to the trick) and do I came across Wondershare Filmora <3333

When school started I was very worried because I started to have less and less time to edit and I wondered if I was ever going to be able to post this video, in which I had already put so much effort into.

Eventually, I finally saved myself two afternoons and TA-DA!

Please, show this video lots of love and maybe drop a like? Nevermind, if you can just watch it you’re already making my day.

I hope everyone that watches this video enjoys it, from the outfits to the editing and that this inspires your own personal style too! Thank you~~♡♡♡



Yall thought I would forget? HAHA AS IF

Hey, I’m back again! Though I haven’t been able to cover the latest events and birthdays in the last weeks, I worked my ass off the be able to film, edit and have this video up in time! Of course, I would never skip on watching BTS’ comeback no matter how busy I was, but filming a reaction video is a whole other level.

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Kidding, I know you did.

You better.


Am I?

Anyway, my BLACKPINK reaction video did quite well, that’s one of the reasons why I thought about doing this too! IT HIT 1K VIEWS!!!!!

Alright, let me know your feedback on this video. Please don’t be too shocked, after all, this is the first time I’m showing the surface of the fangirl inside me on YouTube. Hopefully you’ll find it relatable? Hahahah

Thank you in advance, if you watch it!



Hey guys, it’s Cat. Welcome back!

After this long ass hiatus you all probably think I died… (you wouldn’t if you follwed me on my social media). Specially because I am FINALLY back on youtube! If you click on the menu (aka those three bars on the upper right corner) you’ll see the link to my youtube channel!

Yes, the school year has started and you’re probably wondering why did I only decide to become active on the blog and channel now that I’m going to be busy with school. The truth is, if you read my previous posts, my summer was a complete mess because of finals and so will next year’s summer be. Despite all the hardwork, my finals still didn’t go that well and I’m going to repeat them this year again. Therefore, when summer arrives I’ll have to focus solely on school. That’s why I’m taking the time I have now, during the school year, because my days are a lot more organized and because I have less subjects on senior year.

Regarding my channel… Yes, the two new videos I posted recently were K-pop related, but that doesn’t mean my channel is going to revolve around K-pop from now on. Yes, there’s gonna be some of it because it’s something I care a lot about these days, but I don’t want my channel to keep on being about one theme only. That’s also why I changed the name from That’s Beauty Insider to Cat’s Scrapbook. A scrapbook is where you show the awesome experiences you have been through, the things you like doing and the people you love. That’s what I want my channel to become, something a lot more versatile than it was before!

Here are my most recent videos! Make sure you give them a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet!!

if you’re still wondering how things are gonna be around the blog, it’s simple. Everything is pretty much gonna stay the same it was when I first posted. I’ll try to cover all the comebacks and debuts the best I can aswell as my idols’ birthdays. I still think these posts are a great idea for some of you to get to know artists better or even get to know them at all.

Thank you for reading this, thank you for sticking to my blog and thank you if you follow me on youtube. It means a lot to me ^^ ily