Pink Velvet Sun()days

I swear I’m still alive I’ve just been waaaaay too busy

Lazy sundays? Yeah. I feel ya.

Starting from today I am officially on vacation. In between studying for finals and working during the summer, I didn’t get proper rest before yesterday.

Taking time to look back and organize your thoughts, ideas and priorities is very important. However, all these time consuming activities have helped me grow and evolve, specially after I turned 18.

Things are changing, I am chaging, this blog will change. I’m doing it for the better. I hope you stick around for it 🙂

Pink Velvet Sun()days


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Carnival was this week! Meaning… no school untill Thursday! WOHOO
Though I had (and still have) loads of homework, stuff to study and projects to finish weekend is resting day so I went to Belém this time in the afternoon.

These posts may or may not sound like I’m trying to promote Lisbon’s tourism but I honestly don’t really care. I’m simply sharing with you stuff I do and places I visit!

hai its me, Cat
hai its me, Cat

There’s not necessarily need to promote tourism in this country honestly any area with a monument that is located near Tejo River is always crowded with tourists. During only an hour and a half I heard german, french, spanish, chinese, english and evEN kOREAN. I swear I passed by more foreigners than locals.




BelĂ©m is one of richest areas in the capital for various reasons. Besides being where most embassies and Presidente da Republica’s official residence are located BelĂ©m also contains three historical monuments, the planetarium, a botanic garden and the worldwide famous PastĂ©is de BelĂ©m. Bear in mind from all these places it’s possible to admire a beautiful sigh of the Tejo River!
It’s fun to go there every now and then but it becomes less and less exciting when you live near it and go there pretty often during your whole life. However, it’s still nice go there for a nice stroll on the weekend!
I leave you with the beautiful end-of-day sky in BelĂ©m! It’s definitely somewhere to visit if you ever come to Portugal!
Have you ever been to Belém? If yes what, did you like it?




Here’s my first post that isn’t related to fangirling! – it was about time my life does revolve around other activities…

As I’ve said multiple times in my last posts 11th grade has been keeping me busy in such a way I didn’t foresee and because of that my weekend plans are basically studying with some very small breaks to watch a movie or dramas. Thankfully last weekend the weather wasn’t as winterish in Lisbon as it was in the past weeks so I managed to get out of bed at a decent hour and went somewhere nice!

I you’re not in Portugal you might not find this post particularly interesting but perhaps if you’ll be visiting Lisbon soon – WE DO RECEIVE MANY TOURISTS – if that’s case, keep on reading!

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Within the streets of Lisbon right below 25 de Abril Bridge used to lay an abandoned factory that nowadays consists of one of most attractive places for tourists in this city – currently known as LX Factory

It’s quite complicated to explain what exactly is LX Factory because it’s nothing as well as a lot of things at the same time. In concerns of marketing you can find legit any kind of store here from fine house decor to a tattoo shop. I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost count and still haven’t entered half of the stores! My advice – don’t go there when you’re hungry, there’s a burger restaurant, sushi restaurant, pizza restaurant, cheese cake cafĂ© aND SO ON.

LX Factory is also a very alternative and culturaly rich place and that’s probably what attracts most tourists. There are art galleries and they often hold workshops, festivals (more during the summer time) and one special event called “Open Day” in which all stores are opened untill like 6AM.

To be very honest the reason why I go there often is not only because of the casting agencies located there but also because it’s my sister’s work place – the tattoo shop. Going to there to visit her is a good pretext to get out of the house on weekends and breathe the air of Lisbon. I find it very interesting that regardless of the day or time I go there the place is always crowded with foreign tourists – spanish, french, american, australian, japanese, korean, german – are just a sample. In fact it gets me worried every time some celebrity I like comes to Lisbon because they’e very likely to visit my sister’s work place… they might actually meet her and talk to her and she has no idea they’re famous. I don’t want lie guys seriously when Eric Nam visited Lisbon I did wonder for a few days “what if he was there?? what if my sister passed by him on the street??”. Better – Eric posted a video on the V App where we could see him go around the city, visiting Pena Palace and having lunch at Ribeira Market – which was indeed my sister’s previous work place OVER A YEAR AGO. Sigh…

Back to LX Factory – one other interesting event they hold every week of which I had no clue untill the last time I went there is the handicraft fair every Sunday! It’s not solely handicraft products that are sold here, you may also find lots of vintage clothing, biologic food and cosmetics!

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I confess I didn’t get to visit every tent as I would like to but I still managed find this beautiful mineral pendant – something I’ve been searching for a long time now. Though these are everywhere it’s quite hard to get one for less than 9€ or 10€ but considering I got this for 6€ the deal wasn’t bad!

I highly recommend you visit LX Factory’s website (linked above), there you’ll be able to check on their upcoming events and find out more about all the stores located there! This specially goes to Lisbon residents but if you’re planning a trip to Portugal and you want visit the capital LX Factory is defenitely a place to visit!

I apologize for my lack of ability to explain the details of LX Factory but honestly there’s no better way to learn more about this it than visiting it!

Have a nice weekend~~