I blocked you and I’m not sorry


If you’re part of kpop stan twitter and someone as blocked you recently… that was probably me. (jk it’s very unlikely it was me but keep reading).

2017 was awesome and awful in many different ways. Regardless, one of the decisions I made for myself was to be more positive this year. So my hobby on twitter has partially been to block every. hateful. soul. that shows up on my timeline.

Of course, dear old @/universe decided to pull a ‘jokes on you’ and start a fanwar between EXO-L and ARMY!!1 seriously.

I will kill you and eat you alive. I will gut your insides out, you frog and eat your intestines in front of your family. Wanna be more insensitive? I’ll put the blood of your guts on your grave stone too. So better shut up anD LEarN hOw To BE resPECTful UIGIUFIDUGAGIUS-

sorry got messed up there because I FELT SO STUPID QUOTING THAT OHMYGOD.

Credit to the owner of that tweet, user cbxagency who has been deactivated hopefully from all internet for the rest of her life. She really coming at ARMY’s telling them to be respectful with such words? This person needs some therapy, I’m not even joking.

The war that broke out this morning was due to some k-ARMYs misinterpretation of Baekhyun’s (EXO) words. It later took such proportions, some people were assuming Baekhyun told a fan that having a depression isn’t a real problem ?? and Baekhyun ended up apologizing on his instagram – for something he didn’t do because he really didn’t do anything wrong.

And after Baek’s heartfelt message, EXO-Ls were triggered, and so on…

Here’s some of my activity on twitter


Because suddenly it was no longer about the OP with depression but exo-l and army dragging each other’s favs. smh


it takes you about six years of stan twt to know how to say the right things without blowing up *pats own back* well done, Cat

passive aggressive but still cool

RT but let’s not forget literally E V E R Y fandom, really no exception, has garbage

it really annoys me how some ARMYs are so focused on keeping the charts and stuff no matter what is going on around them like literally it’s the apocalypse and Earth boutta blow up and ARMY is like nOO i need to watch 5 more times to increase views !

Don’t take me wrong, I’m ARMY too but I also like to be a rational person.

this THIS

this person is so accurate i loooove

this is an important analogy ok. yes, of course there are LOADS of decent people in this fandom and we should always be careful when generalizing. I do too sometimes.



and to illustrate what I meant

Meanwhile Logan Paul was out there in Japan’s suicide forest making fun of dead bodies for fame, Fantagio Ent is falling apart, Bae Joo Hyun is now almost and thirty and the WORST is school starts again tomorrow.

Happy New Year fellow fans.

I blocked you and I’m not sorry


Good evening! (if you’re in the same timezone as me, if not, well… greetings!)

If you’re like me, an unfortnate international Kpop stan who lives in the exact opposite side of the world from Korea, this morning you probably woke up to 738318937214 updates about ISAC! Yes, five months after last year’s ISAC here we are again to talk about this event every Kpop stan hates to love.

fotografia (4)

Sadly, by the time all this was happening I was either sleeping, getting ready for school or on my way to school so I missed out on most of the important things… (comment if you can relate so I won’t feel alone!). However, I found this little compilation on Twitter of all the best moments 🙏 sO BEFORE WE GET INTO THAT I want to thank every fan that was in the audience that contributed to this and constantly updated all the stans on every thing that was happening! (legimately. everything. I remember reading a tweet saying “Jimin sneezed“).

Now onto the highlights of ISAC 2016!

fotografia 5


I don’t want to sound biased but I’m serious when I say BTS x GOT7 x TWICE x BESTie team (aka “We Are Going Till The End” Team – they entitled themselves) gave me life. Well, not so much for BESTie because I don’t stan them – it’s not like I don’t like them, I just don’t really support them on a daily basis. As for BTS, GOT7 and Twice, well let’s just say they’re all part of my faves.

fotografia 1 (4) fotografia 2 (4)

(while I’m trying not to focus on Jungkook’s sharp profile on the picture above) can we talk about how good Min Yoongi looks in glasses?

fotografia 3 (3)

Oh, and here.

027 031

Also, everyone’s favorite mom Kim Seokjin brought a whole bunch of food to share with his friends! Later on, he was spotted handing rice cakes to other idols~ could he be more precious?

fotografia 4 (1)

At some point, Yoongi hyung decided that Taehyung donsaeng’s fringe was probs bothering him and this happened. Cutie Kim Taehyung happend.

fotografia (5) fotografia 4 fotografia 1 (3)

As expected, the interactions between BTS and GOT7 were endless. There aren’t many photos though… MBC keeps the same dumb policy from last year and I’m already hoping it won’t cause trouble to post all these… though I’m worried (but previews are everywhere and to be honest I don’t think MBC staff will find my blog let’s be real)

fotografia 2 (5) fotografia 4 (2)

Here we can appreciate very good looking Yugyeom and Bam Bam~~

fotografia 1 (6)


Taehyung playing with Jeonghan’s hair I’m so hdgshbdsjffk byE

fotografia 5 (1)

And here’s my Seventeen bias aka each-day-blonder-Vernon

fotografia 2 (6)

Cute family photo (sorry for the poor quality but it’s the best we can get).

fotografia 5 (2) fotografia (6)

Here’s a glimpse of BTOB being extra during the arrow match thingy. Rumor says Eunkwang’s the one looking like a centaur and that Jimin and Taehyung kept playing around in his custom (¬‿¬)

fotografia 3 (4)

All of APink were looking super cute – as always, as you can see here Naeun looks like an adorable eight year old (✿◠‿◠) and Namjoo looking flawless by just standing there. There’s also Changsub being Changsub. Oh, and half Daehyun.

fotografia 4 (3)

Here’s a little gift to all Eunrong stans out there. You’re welcome ≧◠‿◠≦✌

On other news, there’s a whole other bunch of things that happened during today’s ISAC for which I couldn’t find any photos. I won’t try very hard though, still regarding the MBC policy issue…

But, here are some other highlights:

  • Jin and Taehyung came disguised as cameraman in maks
  • Loads of interactions between BTS, BTOB, VIXX, B.A.P. and Monsta X
  • Yoongi and Woozi greeted each other (FATHER AND SON REUNITED)
  • Namjoon discovered the wonders of a selfie stick other than taking selfies such as scratching his back, playing golf and waving it around!
  • Twice bought food for fans

Ya’ll probably wanted to know a bit more, right? Same. The results of some competitions are also on the internet but I really think it’s better not to share those as I think it’s even worse than sharing photos. One thing’s for sure though, every team gave their best and above that, everyone had fun!

I’m also sorry that I basically only spoke about BTS but ya’ll know how their one of my favorite groups and I swear to you 90% of all the info I found was about them. I may post more about this though if I come to find more highlights regarding other idols or you can comment anything I missed that you found important!


Until next time, ISAC ~~




















You deserve a prize for scrolling down






consider me a very very very generous dongsaeng for sharing this you all know how Jungkook’s my ult (╥︣﹏᷅╥)





so we all knew Zayn would start speaking his mind and saying whatever came to his head the moment he left Modest!, but who was expecting him to be so sassy and active on Twitter?

It started when last week Little Mix low key dissed Zayn at a Meet & Greet. In that moment I was sure Zayn wouldn’t stay put without getting back at them.

Sem Título

A few days ago, Zayn came across one of those “retweet for this fav for that” kind of tweets. As you can see in the screenshot above, the retweets were for Fifth Harmony and the favorites for Little Mix. Zayn retweeted it which instantly started a wild fight between Mixers and ZSquad, again.

But Little Mix aren’t the only artists Zayn wanted to diss. Yesterday, Zayn made very clear what were his thoughts on Taylor Swift which consequently lead to an agressive Twitter fight with Calvin Harris. It’s quite confusing right? I’ll explain it.

There was this tweet which kind of compared Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus regarding that fact that none of Taylor Swift’s songs are available on Spotify, suggesting she was only on the music business for the money. On the other hand, the tweet showed there a Miley Cyrus quote where she said she didn’t care wether people bought her music or not, what she cared about was the music she made and and if people enjoyed it.

Zayn retweeted that tweet, obviously meaning that he disapproved of Taylor Swift’s attitude. Calvin Harris instantly came in defense of his girlfriend in a not-so-polite manner. Of course, Zayn doesn’t tolerate people directing at him in that way so he replied in the same way.

I, who witnessed this ugly argue live on Twitter, was kind of worried because they both seemed really angry, I bet they were mentally shooting daggers at each other, after all, before I realized they were both curing at each other.

Zayn even called Calvin “dickhead”.

Okay now at this moment I thought to myself that Zayn really needs to find his chill. I’m not saying he shouldn’t express his opinion, he has all the rights in the world to do that. But Taylor Swift is still a celebrity and has fans and people close to her who care about her and that includes her boyfriend, Calvin Harris. So what did Zayn expect? He should have known someone would get angry at him, it would be better if he had just ignored Calvin’s indirect instead of starting an argue.

Things seemed to have worked out well though. The argue ended with Calvin’s tweet saying “best of luck, genuinely. You’ve got a great voice” after Zayn had just called him dickhead. That’s why, at first, I thought Calvin was being sarcastic but the argue ended right after, I also checked on their accounts today and it seems that both parties deleted the ugly and agressive tweets to each other. Zayn undid the retweet about Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.




To be honest, it felt kind of awkward witnessing this. Like I said, Zayn has the absolute right to share his opinion, but did he really need to get so angry over something so insignificant? I don’t really care about Calvin Harris, but Zayn seems to be very pissed at many people recently and he tends to act quite… rude when it happens. Basically, I think he overreacted a bit, but that’s just my opinion.

Who acted right from your point of view? Who acted wrong?



FROM #FanArmyFaceOff TO #WeLove1dAndKpop

Maybe I’m too simple, naive, clueless or oblivious to understand, but can someone explain to me what’s the point of Billboard’s Fan Army Face Off? I’m not sure for how long this has been a thing but I remember how awful things went last year because of this, it’s nothing but a fan war generator. As if there aren’t enough rivalries between fandoms anymore, this Fan Army Face Off thing only exists to add more wood to the fire.

In the past couple days I’ve been witnessing one of the most nasty fan wars on Twitter involving Directioners and Queens. It seems that both One Direction and T-ara’s fandoms were semi-finalists on this dumb competition. I’m not sure which fandom started this but one thing I’m sure: all this has been doing is deepen even more the gap between Kpop and western music. To be honest, I’m not quite familiar with T-ara’s fandom, but I’ve known and been part of the One Direction fandom for four years now and I know how agressive and overly-competitive Directioners can be when it comes to this kind of competitions.

I’m not even going to get started on the offensive and disrespectful hastags both fandoms created against each other, but some of the crazy strategies used really caught my attention for how absurd they were. It seems that some Queens changed their Twitter profiles, pretending to be 1D stans and started saying they had cheated for Directioners to win, how messed up is this?? Of course, Directioners instantly started bragging about how they could totally drag down T-ara along with infinite racist jokes and degrading comments about Kpop.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading to be honest, these people have no idea how weird it feels for people like me to see others fighting like this. I might be a directioner for a really long time but it breaks my heart to see people I consider family to make such awful comments about something I love so much. On the other hand, it makes me really upset and uncomfortable to see Kpop stans attack the fandom I cherish the most in such a lowly way, specially because I haven’t even been a Kpop stan for that long. I keep asking myself why can’t people all over the world respect each others likes and dislikes. That’s why I think the Fan Army Face Off is a stupid idea, all it does is spike even more the hate between fandoms. Can you imagine how much more peaceful things would be if such competitions didn’t exist?

To prove my point (what I mean when I say the Fan Army Face Off deepened the gap between fandoms), today some Kpop stans (who obviously had nothing to do with the cheating Kpop stans who fucked up yesterday) started the hashtag #WeLove1dAndKpop on Twitter, probably trying to cool down things between Directioners and Queens and maybe take a step closer to “coexistance” between stans of both music genres. Unfortunately, it seems that yesterday’s war was wild enough to make us take like ten steps back from “coexistance”. From what I saw, all this hashtag did was make Directioners even more pissed and hateful towards Kpop.

I really don’t know what to think or say anymore, it really bothers me that both sides are so against each other however, I have faith. I still remember the tough times we went through back in 2012 when Beliebers and Directioners couldn’t stand each other and look where we are today! It may take a while, but I hope both sides will start understanding and respecting each other in a near future.

What do you guys think about this? I’d really like to know some opinions from both Directioners and Kpop stans…

FROM #FanArmyFaceOff TO #WeLove1dAndKpop