Hey hey, I’m back!

Just posted my very very very loooooong awaited Taeyeon WHY Inspired Lookbook!

I know you guys are probably getting bored of seeing me promote my YouTube channel here and for that, I’m sorry!

This video has a very special meaning to me though.

This is one of the things you only understand when you run your own YouTube channel… But to me, seeing this video online is like witnessing my child speak their first word LMAO. It took me the whole summer to put this video together. It started with planning the video’s structure in order to know where and what to film. I literally scanned my whole wardrobe to find the best fitting clothes and my friend’s wardrobe too hahaha. I watched Taeyeon’s music video countless times, I downloaded it to my phone and randomly watched it several times in a row, before and during filming, to get the vibe of the music video as accurately as possible to be able to transmit the same idea but with my own touch.

After filming I had to start this intense search for a better video editing program (because no way in hell Movie Maker would to the trick) and do I came across Wondershare Filmora <3333

When school started I was very worried because I started to have less and less time to edit and I wondered if I was ever going to be able to post this video, in which I had already put so much effort into.

Eventually, I finally saved myself two afternoons and TA-DA!

Please, show this video lots of love and maybe drop a like? Nevermind, if you can just watch it you’re already making my day.

I hope everyone that watches this video enjoys it, from the outfits to the editing and that this inspires your own personal style too! Thank you~~♡♡♡



Yall thought I would forget? HAHA AS IF

Hey, I’m back again! Though I haven’t been able to cover the latest events and birthdays in the last weeks, I worked my ass off the be able to film, edit and have this video up in time! Of course, I would never skip on watching BTS’ comeback no matter how busy I was, but filming a reaction video is a whole other level.

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Kidding, I know you did.

You better.


Am I?

Anyway, my BLACKPINK reaction video did quite well, that’s one of the reasons why I thought about doing this too! IT HIT 1K VIEWS!!!!!

Alright, let me know your feedback on this video. Please don’t be too shocked, after all, this is the first time I’m showing the surface of the fangirl inside me on YouTube. Hopefully you’ll find it relatable? Hahahah

Thank you in advance, if you watch it!



Hey guys, it’s Cat. Welcome back!

After this long ass hiatus you all probably think I died… (you wouldn’t if you follwed me on my social media). Specially because I am FINALLY back on youtube! If you click on the menu (aka those three bars on the upper right corner) you’ll see the link to my youtube channel!

Yes, the school year has started and you’re probably wondering why did I only decide to become active on the blog and channel now that I’m going to be busy with school. The truth is, if you read my previous posts, my summer was a complete mess because of finals and so will next year’s summer be. Despite all the hardwork, my finals still didn’t go that well and I’m going to repeat them this year again. Therefore, when summer arrives I’ll have to focus solely on school. That’s why I’m taking the time I have now, during the school year, because my days are a lot more organized and because I have less subjects on senior year.

Regarding my channel… Yes, the two new videos I posted recently were K-pop related, but that doesn’t mean my channel is going to revolve around K-pop from now on. Yes, there’s gonna be some of it because it’s something I care a lot about these days, but I don’t want my channel to keep on being about one theme only. That’s also why I changed the name from That’s Beauty Insider to Cat’s Scrapbook. A scrapbook is where you show the awesome experiences you have been through, the things you like doing and the people you love. That’s what I want my channel to become, something a lot more versatile than it was before!

Here are my most recent videos! Make sure you give them a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet!!

if you’re still wondering how things are gonna be around the blog, it’s simple. Everything is pretty much gonna stay the same it was when I first posted. I’ll try to cover all the comebacks and debuts the best I can aswell as my idols’ birthdays. I still think these posts are a great idea for some of you to get to know artists better or even get to know them at all.

Thank you for reading this, thank you for sticking to my blog and thank you if you follow me on youtube. It means a lot to me ^^ ily



Ahh seriously… Do you ever feel like your life is slowly becoming a K-Drama? Because SAME. Right now it feels like things around me belong to some messed up dimension between EXO Next Door, You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin! and School 2015 with a hint of Descendants Of The Sun.

DOTS because of Kang Moyeon. That girl is literally me, I never thought I’d find a K-Drama character this relatable. We think alike 99% of the time and by now I’m sure her character is a Taurus like me look at me applying the small bits of the zodiac signs I know. She’s also a workaholic and, though I don’t have a job I have school, recently I pretty much breathe for school. Eat, don’t really sleep, study. That’s my daily routine lately.

School 2015 because school life is becoming more and more tiring by the minute. I don’t mean class-wise, I actually mean the overall time spent at school and seeing the exact some people. Everyday. It becomes exhausting when you go to the same school for five years. I also relate a lot to one of Eun Byul’s friends when it comes to future projects… I have 0 clues about what I want to do when I grow up.

You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin! because while I’m trying to keep my mind sane I have a few hobbies, one of them being acting. No, don’t get too excited, I’m no famous actress here in Portugal, I just do a few appearances in soap operas every now and then. It’s good to earn your own money. Now, just like our Soon Shin, I’m a big ass shy/awkward/living meme. A couple weeks ago I shot a scene for an upcoming soap opera where I had two lines. It was hella simple. But little miss Cat had to go and goD DAMN LEAVE THE SCENE WALKING ON GHE WORNG DIRECTION. Only me. I can’t even describe the embarrassment that filled me in that moment. I HAD ONE JOB DAMMIT

Also EXO Next Door because GUESS WHO GOT HERSELF A COLD A DAY BEFORE HER BIOLOGY MIDTERM? CAT DID! Just like Ji Yeonhee, the tricky open window was letting in this killer breeze that eventually got the best of me. The difference between me and Yeonhee is that there is no way I could possible stay at home today thanks to that God damn midterm. Also, EXO isn’t living next door.

So yeah, I basically just revealed my life to you guys. You just combine these K-Dramas and remove all the boy drama tho I have it let’s be honest here who doesn’t I just rather not talk about it and that’s what my life sumes up to!

Is your life also becoming a K-Drama? Good luck… but don’t stress over it, I’m sure everything will turn out alright~~ don’t forget to stay healthy!



Hey there!

Today was the first day of school after spring break…  why does time fly? (╥﹏╥) Though I’ve only got two months of school ahead, it’s going to be tough because of the midterms and final exams. First midterm is next week! It’s going to be crazy and I’ll probably won’t be able to post much… Aish, I just want summer break to come fast so I can ACTUALLY rest.

I also won’t be able to write today’s birthday posts… Still, wishing Austin, Jiho, Eunhyuk and Kong Hyo Jin a sweet and awesome birthday near their loved ones~~

Can you believe I just got home from school and I already have a project plan for Philosophy and a Math work sheet to turn in tomorrow? My math teacher also dated a test on mY BIRTHDAY FFS AHHHH







Though this isn’t celebrity related, I still i think it’s important to get this message out there…

As you may or may not now, I’m a portuguese eleventh grader. I don’t how the school system works in your country but here, eleventh grade is a very important year as it is one of the last years of high school and weighs a lot on your college acceptance. Therefore, this year I must take two final exams. It’s been really tough because, not only classes are a lot harder and keep me a lot busier but there’s also a huge pressure upon all students due to those exams. That’s why it has been so hard to post here. It makes me extremely sad because I really like running this blog specially because it has been doing much better than I expected.

Besides having to take those exams, the school board also decided eleventh graders should take mid-terms – even though they were officially abolished by the ministry – meaning the double of pressure and stress.

When I applied to the Science and Technology course I probably wasn’t aware things would be this tough and, honestly, I have thought about giving up before. However, when that thought came to my mind I started thinking about how much effort, sweat and sleepless nights I had invested in this and realized it would all be in vain if I gave up now. Actually, if I ever gave up it wouldn’t be because I didn’t like what I was studying but simply because it was more than I could handle. But I couldn’t bring myself to let all the hard work go to waste and I’ve been trying my best to hold on this and work hard for my future.

Something really stressing happened today. In our school, each class had a designated day to turn in the registration papers for the final exams. As you may guess, it requires quite the time to get those papers ready because we must think about what we want to do in the future, what do we want to study in college and, with that, which exams should we take.

Now, imagine how our class reacted when this morning we were warned we had to turn those papers in before 4PM. It was crazy and almost everyone was panicking. Not only because those papers had to be signed by our parents but also because we had to make important decisions for OUR future right there. Well, it’s not like we hadn’t been thinking about it lately but it’s always something we have to be careful about.

Once you choose which exams to take, there’s no turning back. The decision is final and it will weigh on your entrance to college.

That was when I realized the importance of our decisions at this age. Every single thing I do at this moment will influence my future. It’s crazy to put it this way because I’m still so young. Probably, I’m even too young to be doing decisions of this magnitude but I’m forced to make them regardless. I got a little scared after realizing this (still am) and now I’m even more nervous for the final exams.

Now, I believe there’s a whole bunch of people out there in the same situation right now. This post is for you. I understnd that at times like this, things get really tough. We get scared, nervous, stressed, anxious. But all of that means nothing if you give your best. If you try your hardest, things will work out but you must be confident and believe in yourself. Many people have gone through the same experience before and they survived, why would it be different with you?

To make things work out, you must find out what is your weakness and what is it that is making you less confident about your skills. In my case, this is embarassing but, I’m extremely lazy. Extremely. The ultimate procrastinator. For many years I didn’t really studied and still was able to ace tests. But it’s different now. This is high school. My grades dropped slightly in the past year because it took me some time to realize how serious this is. Right now, I’m trying my hardest not to let that weakness of mine get the best of me and, though things are still not quite as I truly wish them to be, I’ve been seeing some results of that change I’m trying to make in myself and it’s amazing how rewarding this feeling, the feeling of knowing your hard work is paying off. It really motivates me to do even better.

Also, this issue might be related to what this blog is about – the fangirl life. I’m sure some of you have gone through the experience of having your parents telling you you don’t pay enough attention to the right things and only think about idols. I’ve been told that A LOT by my mom. I’ve written about it before here. It kind of offends me when my mom tells me that, she always trusts me but when it comes to this it sounds like she’s implying that I can’t set my priorities and am putting fangirling before studies. It’s not true. Setting your priorities is, indeed, something really important but I don’t think any of us would put that before school. To me, it’s stressing because I know I’m doing my best but it seems like my mom can’t see that. Don’t let that drag you down, as long as you look within yourself and make sure you’re giving your best, it means you’re doing the right thing. Just don’t get angry at your mom, she’s only worried.




948472017373 years later I’m finally having some very little but decent free time, though I still have four tests, three group projects and one mini test until this term finishes – wish happens in two weeks.
Today I decided to post something a little different and of which, to be honest, I am much more comfortable talking about because: a) it’s not controversial in any way and won’t upset anybody’s fans and b) it’s something I have done for the past three years.
Today’s post is a makeup product review, my first in this blog! As much as I would rather film a video about this other than sit here writing this, sharing this kind of things with either viewers or readers is something I’ve always liked to do. Here it goes!
Up until pretty recently I had never tried any of those famous invisible fixing powders for various reasons. First of all, for a long time it was hard to find it around here and whenever I did it would be by some fancy brand and ridiculously expensive. Second, though it is an invisible powder – and everyone I had seen using before proved so, it appears to be white and since I have very pale skin I was afraid it would make me look even more pale.
About a month ago, I walked inside a KIKO store – which, by the way, I must say is one of my favorite makeup brands for the amazing price-quality ratio – and found their invisible powder. I got it for 11,90€ which isn’t that bad of deal at all.


I apologize if not all photos look the same but I had a little trouble with the lightnin when I took them...
I apologize if not all photos look the same but I had a little trouble with the lightnin when I took them…

When I first applied it wasn’t very sure of how exactly to “attach” the powder to the cushion just because it seemed like the powder would all fly away if I shook it even with the lid on. It was just a dumb feeling though. In fact, inside the box there are instructions on how to apply it so don’t need to worry about that if it’s your first time trying out invisible powder.


I must say I was pretty impressed when I applied it for the first time because of how smooth and silky my skin felt. I really liked the fact that because it is whiterish (I just made up a new word) it adds some natural glow to my skin without making me look overly pale. It’s also safe to state that it lasts for the whole day – meaning I get up at 6h30AM and put my makeup on around 7h00AM. Considering that I usually take off my makeup between 6h00PM and 8h00PM and tend to have a hard time doing so because it hardly comes out with makeup removing wipes I would say it is perfect when it comes to help your look last for the whole day.
One thing I noticed though was that the cushion became dirty pretty fast due to the foundation or concealer I put on before applying the powder. After that it slightly seemed like my face wasn’t absorbing the powder as well. I thought it could have to do with the cushion being dirty so I tried to wash it this one time I washed all of my brushes. However, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for two reasons. First, for the few days after I washed the cushion the powder caked slightly in my T zone and chin probably due to some humidity left in the cushion even after it seemed to dry. Second, it didn’t take long before it went back to the same state when I washed it. In fact, the photo above was taken today – already after I washed it. Anyhow, it is back to work perfectly fine and it never caked again which is quite the relief because I was scared I might have ruined the cushion and waste the powder.
One last warning, you should not mistake this for powder foundation. This powder is really good for correcting little flaws that might still show after you apply foundation and helping your look stay in place for the whole day however, it is not good if you are looking for coverage as it is – like the self-explanatory name – an invisible powder.
I hope this was helpful and interesting if your are thinking of trying out this kind of powder or if you were looking for a review on this exact product. Let me know if you want me to do more posts like this (honestly I might just do them any way because I really enjoy this).
March starts today, have a nice month~~!