Believe it or not it was pretty hard for me to write this post because I had no clue how I was going to put into words how this damn prologue made me feel – and we can’t forget the MV for RUN… but for now let’s stick to the prologue.

After I NEED U came out with the rest of the mini album 화양연화 The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt. 1 we were aware that there was going to be a follow up – a part 2 however this prologue was dropped on all ARMYs like an atomic bomb in the form of an emotional roller-coast.
Disregarding of all theories on the true story behind I NEED U, this prologue was quite helpful to clear every thing up and actually understand the story behind this concept.
Only 0.3 seconds in the video and I was already emotional because of Taehyung’s scene. Without a doubt this scene is a direct follow up of I NEED U.
I don’t think many people realized this but this concept was great for showing each members’ acting skills – which are quite impressive.







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The main reason why I got emotional while watching wasn’t necessarily due to the sad side of the video (because before the very end we had no clue what was still to come) but actually due to all the happy scenes. This may sound like nonsense to some people but when I care about someone it really moves me to just see they’re happy. Even though this was just a video it actually made me happy to see them having fun with all the members while doing simple things like hanging together or taking photos – creating memories or going somewhere they’ve never been to together, just being happy.
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And then BAM
Alright, once again there’s no doubt of what happened – Tae jumped, tried to… yanno… take his own life (it kind of bothers me to say the actual word I don’t know why).
My heart broke a little on this scene. Just look at how Tae finally glanced at his hyung 😦
As if it wasn’t enough we still got this bonus scene where we conclude that Jin never took that photo with the other boys! Awesome!1! Right. In. The. Feels.
So here’s my theory up to this point (I must warn you this isn’t really based on other theories online because I didn’t ready any it’s just the most decent conclusion to which I got after discussing it with my friends): in the I NEED U MV we were able to see their life’s go downhill except for Jin in fact it was quite uncertain what had actually happened to him but at the time I just thought he died like the others – which would make Tae the only survivor. Turns out Tae took his own life too so Jin was the only survivor – the last scene when he’s the only one on the Polaroid is also a proof of that.
The reason why it’s so hard to make up a theory for the story behind this concept is because the scenes in I NEED U, Prologue and RUN aren’t necessarily organized chronologically. From my point of view what I concluded after watching the prologue at first was that the rest of the boys all died and Jin was left alone – which we now know isn’t the truth. But then I started wondering what the scene of Jin in the bedroom with the petals and all represented because that scene was so angelic and all it didn’t seem be happening in real life like the other members’ scenes so I thought maybe Jin is the one who died… But I gave it a little more thought later and it made zero sense so I discarded the option but well looks like I was right…?
Friendly reminder this isn’t my final theory of the whole story, I’ll write about that on my post about RUN!


Meanwhile tell me your theory on BTS’ story!