September 9th, it’s Oh My Girl’s Bae Yoo Bin’s birthday ♡♡


Today is Binnie’s 18th birthday (19th in korean age). Binnie is a member of the korean girl group Oh My Girl (they are under WM Entertainment) in which she is a vocalist. Binnie is a former model under YG Entertainment; she is a former Pretty Berry member; she is a former Woollim Entertainment trainee.

She was a child actress and played minor roles in dramas like Sungkyunkwan ScandalKing of Baking Kim Takgu or I Love You, Don’t Cry. In 2014 she acted in High School – Love On.

Oh My Girl are known as B1A4’s sister group, cute right? Though they are still rookies in the Kpop industry, it’s clear they’ve been working really hard since before their debut and I’m sure they will succeed as a girl group!

Happy birthday, Binnie unni ♡ Fighting!