I blocked you and I’m not sorry


If you’re part of kpop stan twitter and someone as blocked you recently… that was probably me. (jk it’s very unlikely it was me but keep reading).

2017 was awesome and awful in many different ways. Regardless, one of the decisions I made for myself was to be more positive this year. So my hobby on twitter has partially been to block every. hateful. soul. that shows up on my timeline.

Of course, dear old @/universe decided to pull a ‘jokes on you’ and start a fanwar between EXO-L and ARMY!!1 seriously.

I will kill you and eat you alive. I will gut your insides out, you frog and eat your intestines in front of your family. Wanna be more insensitive? I’ll put the blood of your guts on your grave stone too. So better shut up anD LEarN hOw To BE resPECTful UIGIUFIDUGAGIUS-

sorry got messed up there because I FELT SO STUPID QUOTING THAT OHMYGOD.

Credit to the owner of that tweet, user cbxagency who has been deactivated hopefully from all internet for the rest of her life. She really coming at ARMY’s telling them to be respectful with such words? This person needs some therapy, I’m not even joking.

The war that broke out this morning was due to some k-ARMYs misinterpretation of Baekhyun’s (EXO) words. It later took such proportions, some people were assuming Baekhyun told a fan that having a depression isn’t a real problem ?? and Baekhyun ended up apologizing on his instagram – for something he didn’t do because he really didn’t do anything wrong.

And after Baek’s heartfelt message, EXO-Ls were triggered, and so on…

Here’s some of my activity on twitter


Because suddenly it was no longer about the OP with depression but exo-l and army dragging each other’s favs. smh


it takes you about six years of stan twt to know how to say the right things without blowing up *pats own back* well done, Cat

passive aggressive but still cool

RT but let’s not forget literally E V E R Y fandom, really no exception, has garbage

it really annoys me how some ARMYs are so focused on keeping the charts and stuff no matter what is going on around them like literally it’s the apocalypse and Earth boutta blow up and ARMY is like nOO i need to watch 5 more times to increase views !

Don’t take me wrong, I’m ARMY too but I also like to be a rational person.

this THIS

this person is so accurate i loooove

this is an important analogy ok. yes, of course there are LOADS of decent people in this fandom and we should always be careful when generalizing. I do too sometimes.



and to illustrate what I meant

Meanwhile Logan Paul was out there in Japan’s suicide forest making fun of dead bodies for fame, Fantagio Ent is falling apart, Bae Joo Hyun is now almost and thirty and the WORST is school starts again tomorrow.

Happy New Year fellow fans.

I blocked you and I’m not sorry


March 30th, it’s WINNER’s Song Minho‘s birthday!


Today is Mino’s 23rd birthday (24th in korean age). Mino is a member of the korean boy group WINNER (they are under YG Entertainment) in which he is the main rapper.

Prior to his YG trainee period, Mino was a trainee under Stardom Entertainment and was supposed to debut with Block B, but he left the company before that. Mino started out as an undergroun rapper with the stage name “Hugeboy Mino”. In 2011 he debuted with a ballad group called BoM (they were under Y2Y Contents Company) but they were disbanded two years later.

In 2012, Mino was on the drama The Strongest K-POP Survival. That gave him quite recognition and earned him a private audition in YG Entertainment. He later entered YG’s reality-survival show Who Is Next: WIN as part of Team A (WINNER). After Team A won the show, WINNER debuted on August 17th, 2014.

Throughout his career, Mino has worked with many famous artists in the K-Pop industry, such as Block B’s Zico, P.O and Kyung; Epik High; 2PM’s Nichkhun, CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, Infinite’s L and B1A4’s Baro for project ‘Lucky Boys’ for the 2014 SBS Gayo Daejun.

In 2015, Mino was a contestant of Show Me The Money.

Happy birthday Mino~~

Regardless of all controversies and less happy moments during his career, I hope everyone knows Mino is a great guy and a very talented rapper, keep on supporting him ♥