December 7th, it’s GFriend’s Sowon’s birthday~~


Today is Kim So Jung’s (aka Sowon) 21st birthday (22nd in korean age). Sowon is a member of the korean girl group GFriend (they are under Source Music) in which she’s the leader, main rapper, vocalist and visual.

GFriend debuted on January 14th, 2015 with the single Glass Bead, you can watch it here.  If you’re into the K-Pop thing then you defenitely know how GFriend have killing the charts for quiet a while. Glass Bead didn’t receive much attention, which is common since it was debut single and they’re from a minor label. However, the summer of 2015 was deadass dominated by Me Gustas Tubut their real bop wasn’t dropped until Rough which collected about 15 wins on music shows. GFriend are now the korean girl group with the biggest amount of wins on music shows in a year, with a total of 29.

But enough of GFriend! This is dedicated to our leader Sowon 🙂

Sowon is the loving mother in GFriend. Seriously, she cares so much about her members, she’s so cautious and works so hard to keep the girls happy. Every girl group deserves a leader like her. She’s more the quiet kind of girl but can still can make others laugh. She’s very skilled, she has a beautiful voice, dances amazingly well and speaks korean and japanese. Sowon is also very popular because people consider her body to have the “golden ration”.

Fun fact, her stage name Sowon (소원) means “wish” in english :3

Happy birthday to our loving leader Sowon! Wish her to spend a wonderful day near her members and loved ones~ 언니 사랑해 ♥♥


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