The Kpop Dude

Hey there

Before you ask, no, I did not get to know The Kpop Dude just now. In fact, the reason why I decided to make this post is exactly because, up to this day, there is still people who don’t know about The Kpop Dude. Who is he? How did he appear? Why did he go viral?

Basically, I mentioned him in a conversation with a friend who, yes, is also a Kpop stan and she had no clue what I was talking about. I was fascinated.

Meet The Kpop Dude:


Yes, it’s Taemin. Lee Taemin. From SHINee. Yes.

So during some of Taemin’s or SHINee’s promotions (I’m not sure) this clip of Taemin was captured, the moment every one was anxious to know who had won first place. It sounds kind of random to explain it that way… Every one was anxious to see who won? Doesn’t every one feel like that at the end of every music show?

The thing is, this one clip is unique. His expression at the beginning… His face is contorced in anxiety is2g

Here, look again


It’s just





God knows how, this clip is so unque to the point it actually went viral. People outside Kpop actually got as fascinated as Kpop stans. Now, the clip went viral but non-Kpop stans had 0 clues of Taemin is. They just knew he was related to Kpop. The Kpop Dude was born.

No joke, try googling “the kpop dude” yourself.



Here, have a dose of The Kpop Dude stans


Yes, there’s one where it goes backwards


I hope this contributed for your general knowledge.


The Kpop Dude

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