September 22nd, it’s GOT7’s Jinyoung’s birthday~


Today is Park Jinyoung’s 22nd birthday (23rd in korean age)!! And no, I’m not talking about JYP. I mean Jr.. Junior. Whatever you wish to call him. GOT7’s sass master. Jinyoung is a member of the korean boy group GOT7 (they are under JYP Entertainment) in which he is the lead vocalist.

Before debuting with GOT7, in 2012, Jinyoung made his acting debut on KBS’ drama Dream High 2 along with JB, GOT7’s leader. Later that year, both Jinyoung and JB debuted as Kpop’s super awesome mega fabulous duo JJ PROJECT YALL WITH THE TITLE TRACK BOUNCE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS im sorry im ok.

Later, on December 2013, he finally debuted as an idol with GOT7 with the highly-modest-totally-not-cocky-nor-full-of-sass song entitled Girls Girls Girls.

Woaaaaaah savage guys grow up so fast :’)

Fun fact, Jinyoung is my #1 enemy.

Yet I love him.

Please explain?

Story time everyone. One day, this friend of mine had a dream where both of us auditioned for JYP and GOT7 were choosing who got in and who didn’t. I had been accepted and it came to a point where they didn’t want to let anyone else audition because they had chosen enough people for the group so they didn’t want to let my friend audition. However, she still wanted to give it a try and started dancing even though they told her not to. She was dancing really well though so they decided to keep her as a backup dancer. God knows why, she said I started complaining that she was able to join even though they didn’t want anyone else to audition (which makes 0 sense because I had gotten in the group and why wouldn’t I want my friend to join me????) anD WHEN I SAID THAT mister jiNYOUNG. TOLD ME. TO. SHUT. UP. YALL. THIS GUY I SWEAR.

Now I know this was all a dream but let’s be real… wouldn’t our Jinyoung say that in real life? That savage. Since then we’ve had a love/hate relationship. Everything is good today though. It’s his birthday and I want him to enjoy it with everyone he cherishes :3 I wish GOT7 all the luck and success in the universe for their upcoming comeback!!


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