Hello hello

Who else is excited about GOT7’s upcoming comeback?


As every one learned yesterday, GOT7’s new comeback is actually happening and it’s actually close. The schedule was announced yesterday and got all of Ahgase even more pumped than before.

This comeback is a kind-of sequel of the previous oneĀ Flight Log: Departure. Considering the upcoming one is entitledĀ Turbulence, I guess the story is going to take a rough path… What story though? I mean did any of you actually get the whole concept behindĀ Fly? I might be into the K-pop thing for a while now, but one thing I have a real hard time dealing with are these mad stories behind some MVs… If you happen to have a theory about the story behind this concept, please share it with me. I’ve heard about one or two but they don’t make full sense.

Also, who else noticed one of the dates on the schedule above is lowkey smeared off? Take 17? Please explain?


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