Ahh seriously… Do you ever feel like your life is slowly becoming a K-Drama? Because SAME. Right now it feels like things around me belong to some messed up dimension between EXO Next Door, You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin! and School 2015 with a hint of Descendants Of The Sun.

DOTS because of Kang Moyeon. That girl is literally me, I never thought I’d find a K-Drama character this relatable. We think alike 99% of the time and by now I’m sure her character is a Taurus like me look at me applying the small bits of the zodiac signs I know. She’s also a workaholic and, though I don’t have a job I have school, recently I pretty much breathe for school. Eat, don’t really sleep, study. That’s my daily routine lately.

School 2015 because school life is becoming more and more tiring by the minute. I don’t mean class-wise, I actually mean the overall time spent at school and seeing the exact some people. Everyday. It becomes exhausting when you go to the same school for five years. I also relate a lot to one of Eun Byul’s friends when it comes to future projects… I have 0 clues about what I want to do when I grow up.

You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin! because while I’m trying to keep my mind sane I have a few hobbies, one of them being acting. No, don’t get too excited, I’m no famous actress here in Portugal, I just do a few appearances in soap operas every now and then. It’s good to earn your own money. Now, just like our Soon Shin, I’m a big ass shy/awkward/living meme. A couple weeks ago I shot a scene for an upcoming soap opera where I had two lines. It was hella simple. But little miss Cat had to go and goD DAMN LEAVE THE SCENE WALKING ON GHE WORNG DIRECTION. Only me. I can’t even describe the embarrassment that filled me in that moment. I HAD ONE JOB DAMMIT

Also EXO Next Door because GUESS WHO GOT HERSELF A COLD A DAY BEFORE HER BIOLOGY MIDTERM? CAT DID! Just like Ji Yeonhee, the tricky open window was letting in this killer breeze that eventually got the best of me. The difference between me and Yeonhee is that there is no way I could possible stay at home today thanks to that God damn midterm. Also, EXO isn’t living next door.

So yeah, I basically just revealed my life to you guys. You just combine these K-Dramas and remove all the boy drama tho I have it let’s be honest here who doesn’t I just rather not talk about it and that’s what my life sumes up to!

Is your life also becoming a K-Drama? Good luck… but don’t stress over it, I’m sure everything will turn out alright~~ don’t forget to stay healthy!


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