I’m sorry.

Before I even start, click here for NCT U’s MV for the song The 7th Sense.

Alright. So, It’s been quite a while since it was announced that SM Rookies were FINALLY going to debut. From that moment I started preparing myself mentally. Yes, I needed preparation, they’re a group under SM Ent. afterall… Let’s be real, as much of a crazy that company is, they have never failed at debuting amazing artists. I already knew I was gonna surrender to NCT from the start. I was right.

Here’s a tad more of info about these boys. I guarantee you they are no ordinary rookie group.

NCT is the actual name of the whole group; stands for Neo Culture Technology. By the time their debut was announced, some other news came along. The truth is, this group currently has a total of 40 members. Hold on, I need a sec.


40 members. For now.

For now?

Yes, friends. For now.

I admit I’m not 100% sure about this information. Only 99.9%… simply because I find it hard to even conceive the idea of a boy group with 40 members.

Fear not! Lee Soo Man has thought of everything! eh it’s not like that happens often . The group will debut by sub-unit, not as a whole. Meaning, all members are divided in sub-units from the start. That’s where NCT U comes from, these six boys are only a sub-unit of this much bigger group. From what I’ve learned in every website, blog, vlog and fan account, though the group has 40 members at the moment, the idea is to add more as time passes if the group turns out to be successful.

With that in mind… things aren’t looking good for us, fangirls. Successful? If there’s something I’m sure these boys will be surrounded by is success. All I needed to deduce that was NCT U’s first MV and a couple videos from the SM Rookies show. They’ve got the talent and they’ve got the looks. What else is needed?

Knowing SM Entertainment, I was already expecting an awesome track for their debut, but The 7th Sense literally blew me away. The song might be incredibly simple but it is also incredibly good. The choreography looks flawless aswell and I’m very excited to see their live stages. The MV was a huge truck of aesthetic and pops of colors. I LOVED IT

NCT U’s debut consists of two digital singles – another single will be released tomorrow (10th of April) for the song Without You, this time sub-unit leader Taeil will be featured! – he wasn’t on The 7th Sense. Don’t forget to check that out tomorrow!

I’m super excited to see what’s going to come out of this new project and I shamelessly admit I’m already staning them and possibly biased Ten…

What did you think of NCT U?

p.s.- uhh I don’t know much but I believe there have been some issues regarding member Taeyong in the past… I don’t want to get into details nor defend him nor anything like that. Anyhow, everyone makes mistakes and has the right to regret them so how bad could it be to give him a second chance? And even if you don’t want to, at least be here for the music. Even if you can’t accept certain things, it’s not wrong to accept their talent (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥


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