On the past 14th of September, 2015, CNBLUE made their long-awaited comeback with the album 2gether which included the title track 신데렐라 (Cinderella). Click here to watch their MV for the song 신데렐라.
The song’s lyrics express a man’s desire to be with the woman he loves however, she keeps running away. This is one of the things I love about CNBLUE, they are very skilled when it comes composing and I love how the words sound so smooth with the melody. I also find CNBLUE particularly special because they’re an actual band and not a boy group, which allows them to make more unique and pop-rock-ish tracks. Of course, non of this would be possible if it wasn’t for Yonghwa’s and Jonghyun’s vocals all the members’ talents for the instruments they play.
The music video is also very cute and quite original, I really like how it matches the story behind the lyrics! Don’t forget to click the link above the watch their music video!
This post is mainly about the title track but don’t forget to check out the other songs in CNBLUE’s album 2gether and show them lots of love~~


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