March 30th, it’s ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo‘s birthday!


Today is Eun Woo’s 19th birthday (20th in korean age). Eun Woo is a member of the korean boy group ASTRO (they are under Fantagio Entertainment) in which he is a vocalist, dancer and visual. Eun Woo is one of those idols who is a box of surprises, sunshine and talent.

When it comes to surprises and sunshine, Eun Woo can light up a room with his smile (as you can totally see in the picture above); the other members of ASTRO gave him the nickname “Morning Alarm” because he always wakes up earlier and wakes up the rest of the members!

As for his talents, it’s quite the list. He’s not only a vocalist and dancer in ASTRO, but Eun Woo is also a model and actor; his specialties go from swimming to DJing; he can play three instruments – piano, guitar and violin! It is also known that, besides speaking Korean, Eun Woo also quite masters English and knows the basics of Japanese and Chinese! Wow.

Go and show our rookies ASTRO lots of love but specially to Eun Woo today ♥ Happy birthday to the amazing Eun Woo oppa~~


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