IT IS MOIST (????)

I understand if this post comes a little off topic. Actually, I’ve been wanting to ask you guys about this for months now but I kept delaying it and forgot about it eventually.
A few months ago I came across some… particular CFs (i think?) with K-Pop idols that got me wondering if that really was how korean marketing is… I cringed so much watching them. Specially this one with SHINee and Sulli for Etude House… Oh, well.
However, I came across endless articles about one with G-Dragon in which he says…
Apparently that CF became legendary and so did his words. “It is moist.” and legit everyone knew about it and had seen it so I felt like I was missing out on something important. tHE PROBLEM IS all I could find was a bunch of repetitive websites talking about it. No. videos.
sO I was hoping some of you could help a girl out and link me to the video because I feel like my life won’t be complete until I watch it…
Pretty please?

IT IS MOIST (????)

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