just a little ramble i had last night

here’s a post where I pour in my most true fangirl feels
As you may or may not know – depending on if you follow me on instagram – mY BTS ALBUM RECENTLY ARRIVED (recently being exactly a week ago; also don’t worry, I do plan on writing a full post reviewing the album) AND I GOT YOONGI’S PHOTOCARD AND LIKE I HAD ALSO ORDERED GOT7’S ALBUM AS MY FRIEND’S BDAY GIFT AND SHE GOT JB’S PHOTOCARD AND THEY’RE BOTH SO CUTE ANDBAJS
So basically a few minutes ago I was happily putting Yoongi’s photocard on my bedroom wall (even though the wall’s enormous and the photocard is smaller than my palm) when I suddenly got hit by this big truck called REALITY.
I’m not sure if I’ve said this here yet but it hasn’t even been a year since I got into kpop, though it’s been… woah wait, it’s been exactly 10 months.
(Yes I know the day, short story: EXO had released Call Me Baby pretty recently and it had been trending on Twitter for days and I was like “eh let’s see what’s all the hype about” and I download some of their songs that exact afternoon; I know the day because I was sick by that time and I remember that exactly two days later, on April 20th (it was a Monday) I was rushed to the hospital because I really wasn’t feeling well and it was the first time I had to go there in an ambulance and all and I was kinda scared so I never forgot the date of that day. Since I knew it was two days later I also know the day I got into kpop was on April 18th 2015!
This probably sounded so nonsense.)
Back to the meaning of this: while I was putting Yoongi on my wall I started thinking “Oh my God. Look at you putting a Kpop idol on your wall.” Because I CLEARLY remembering the first time I listened to EXO and kept thinking “This is not so bad but I don’t think I can listen to this. It makes me cringe.” But that was jut because it was something I wasn’t used to listen to. After getting familiar with their voices I instantly started enjoying their music a lot more, not just with EXO but with every kpop idol I usually listen to.
Right now I’m staring at my BTS album and I keep thinking that even on that day when I first downloaded some of EXO’s songs I never thought I would get into Kpop this deep – deep enough to buy a physical album. It’s insane. It all happened so fast, literally within less than a year.
It kind of blows my mind to look at this album and think “I truly adore these guys. They really are idols. My idols. I spent money on this. And I’m so happy to have this that will always remind me of them.” It does blow my mind, simply because I never thought I would reach this point after One Direction (yes, it’s true).
And this post is probably sounding hella sentimental right now but I’m not done yet. There’s something else that I find extraordinary.
Just now, I was opening BTS’ album and going through the pages… The first individual photo to come up is Jin’s. FIRST OF ALL LETS TALK ABOUT HOW HE SEEMS TO BE STARRING AT MY SOUL IN ONE OF THESE PICS I SWEAR I CANT LOOK HIM IN THE EYE AND THIS IS JUST A DAMN PHOTO FFS
But really. I was looking at the photo and thinking “it’s crazy how things are these days. Jin (and well the other boys too but in this case I was looking at Jin), who was born like any other ordinary kid, like I was born, in the exact opposite side of the world… Suddenly I, an ordinary sixteen year old, have this book with their photos and a CD with their voices. It sounds kind of creepy when we put that way, right? But that’s not what I mean. What I mean is, the world is so big, yet so small.
Imagine BTS (and well, any other idol you can think of), being exactly themselves, looks and personality except without their love for music and performing. If they didn’t have that in them, they wouldn’t have became idols and they would have been ordinary young men like any other. Actually, though they are famous, they’re still ordinary people. They’re just like you and me and yet there’s nobody out there with a photobook of me and CD of my voice recorded.
At this point I don’t know if I’m making myself clear anymore because it’s kind of late and I should probably go to sleep.
In conclusion, all I wanted to do with all of this was share with you how mind blowing these simple things are and how lucky I feel to have access to everything out there. Above all, I wanted to share how much Kpop has come to mean to me.
Also, don’t get me wrong when I called BTS “ordinary” I never meant it in a bad way of course. It’s a fact that they are normal human beings like all of us but I did mention how they stand out from the rest of us, they’re amazingly talented, hardworking and have this endless passion for what they do which are alone just some of the reasons to why they deserve all the recognition they have been gaining and even more ❤️
Good night~~

yes, i woke up at a decent hour


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