So here’s the deal: one of the big big big disadvantages of being a fangirl is having your sleep schedule upside down or no sleep schedule at all. With that most of us teenagers struggle to get out of bed every morning because we spent last night lying to ourselves that we would go to bed early while saying “just one more chapter” “just one more episode” “just one more video” and. so. on. Therefore unfortunate events like what happened to me last Thursday tend to occur.
Everyday I wake up around 6h30AM which is already pretty early but that Thursday, for some reason I don’t know of, I decided to set the alarm for about twenty minutes earlier. When the alarm rang it didn’t really bother me that I was waking up early, I even thought “Well, since I won’t be able to sleep again, I might aswell get up now and start getting ready. At least there’s no way I’ll be late.
I happily got out of bed, went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen to get something for breakfast.
That was when it hit me.
I was savoring some nice fruit when I started thinking “what a great week this one… only two days of classes! Today I even start school at 10AM. Woah… School should start at 10AM everyday………….. wait. School starts at 10AM.” I glanced at the clock and suddenly reality struck me. School didn’t start until 10AM and there I was eating breakfast without a care in the world – at least before drowning in frustration due to have gotten up two hours before the supposed time.
Of course, I went back to bed after finishing breakfast but wasn’t to able to fall asleep until about 30 minutes before having to wake up again…
On the other hand, it’s Wednesday today and I haven’t been able to wake up in time this week. What a contrast.
Damn sleep schedules.
Tell me, any fangirls out there struggling with the same?


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