hello hello
Carnival was this week! Meaning… no school untill Thursday! WOHOO
Though I had (and still have) loads of homework, stuff to study and projects to finish weekend is resting day so I went to Belém this time in the afternoon.

These posts may or may not sound like I’m trying to promote Lisbon’s tourism but I honestly don’t really care. I’m simply sharing with you stuff I do and places I visit!

hai its me, Cat
hai its me, Cat

There’s not necessarily need to promote tourism in this country honestly any area with a monument that is located near Tejo River is always crowded with tourists. During only an hour and a half I heard german, french, spanish, chinese, english and evEN kOREAN. I swear I passed by more foreigners than locals.




Belém is one of richest areas in the capital for various reasons. Besides being where most embassies and Presidente da Republica’s official residence are located Belém also contains three historical monuments, the planetarium, a botanic garden and the worldwide famous Pastéis de Belém. Bear in mind from all these places it’s possible to admire a beautiful sigh of the Tejo River!
It’s fun to go there every now and then but it becomes less and less exciting when you live near it and go there pretty often during your whole life. However, it’s still nice go there for a nice stroll on the weekend!
I leave you with the beautiful end-of-day sky in Belém! It’s definitely somewhere to visit if you ever come to Portugal!
Have you ever been to Belém? If yes what, did you like it?


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