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It seems that I’m back with updates on the BTS comeback issue… Remember my last post? The one where let out all of my frustration over the supposed BTS comeback in October that never happened? Well it seems that we’ve got a whole other month ahead before their comeback… or not?

I don’t know either.

There hadn’t even been 24 hours since my last post when my Twitter timeline and group chat were invaded with indignated outbursts after the news going around regarding BTS’s postponed comeback. Apparently, the comeback that was supposed to happen this month was only set to happen after the shows in late November, that’s what we all understood after these photos started circulating:

bangtanfu bangtanfuu

To be honest, the fandom wasn’t really convinced since nobody found this a totally reliable source, but we took it as truth since there hasn’t been any kind of information out there about their comeback.

HOWEVER, earlier today, BTS broadcasted their Halloween party on the V app in which they obviously spoke about their upcoming comeback. This is where it gets confusing…


Did they just say November 3rd???

I don’t know.

First of all, by the time this was happening I was in the middle of Philosophy class – damn timezones – so obviously I didn’t get to watch it. Second, the only way I could be fully sure this was what they said I would have to know korean. Which I don’t.

Of course, having BTS saying the date of their comeback themselves is the most reliable source of information we can get, but what if the subtitles were wrong? Could it be that they meant to write 30th and not 3rd?? I’ve seen that happening once or twice one some livestreams on the V app. If not, what the hell was that article about after all???

So, where do we stand? Am I the only one feeling confused regarding this? Please enlight me!


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