Alright, first of all I know I’ve been kind of sloppy with this blog of mine but school is literally a wild maze in hell that keeps me trapped and unable to do anything else than study and prepare group projects. Who would know 11th grade was so horrifying?

However, no matter how busy I am I still have to try to keep up with what happens with my idols. That’s what a fangirl does. And so many things have been happening lately… NOT WITH BTS THO

Remember back in the final moments of summer when BTS dropped that beautiful, sad and moving prologue that was basically a teaser of the 2nd part of The Most Beautiful Moment In Life (which, btw, I’m still planning to write a whole post about)? Yeah, well after turning the ARMYs into an emotional wreck, Big Hit Ent. gave us a very generalized date – October.

I was okay for the first two weeks and half of this month, anxious, but okay.

Recently I’m starting to worry a little because we’re basically THREE DAYS AWAY FROM NOVEMBER and I ain’t seeing anything related to a comeback, no teaser, no  n o t h i n g. whyyyyy

Are they just going to drop it tomorrow like an atomic bomb when we least expect? Are they planning to release it on October 31st so that we suffer untill the very last second? WHERE THEY EVEN TALKING ABOUT THIS YEAR’S OCTOBER

I know I’m kind of overreacting, sorry if I’m sounding annoying, school makes me really stressed these days T-T  But it’s still so not fair that we have to suffer from this frustrating fangirl-kind-of-anxiety because the prologue came out so long ago.

Big Hit Ent., please hurryyyy this is driving us crazy >_<

How have other ARMYs been dealing with this desperate wait?



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