September 4th, it’s GOT7’s Mark Tuan’s birthday~~β™‘

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Today is Mark’s 22nd birthday (23rd in korean age). Mark is a member of the korean boy group GOT7 (they are under JYP Entertainment) in which he is the main rapper and vocalist. Mark was born in Los Angeles, USA; he also lived in Paraguay and Brazil before moving to Korea.

Woah why does it feel like most of my bias’ birthdays are all close to each other?? Because yeah, Mark is tots my bias in GOT7. It’s going to sound weird but pretty much everything about this guy kinda drives me crazy speCIALLY HIS VOICE LMAO I MEAN SRSLY DONT EVEN MAKE ME START WITH THAT.

Anyways, he’s basically a multi-skilled-cutie-a-little-dumb-hot-ass kid and he deserves the best so I hope he has a great great birthday with his dongsaengs and hope he gets to visit his family soon because I know they miss him loads, happy birthday oppa ❀️❀️


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