September 3rd, its LADIES’ CODE’s Lee So Jung’s birthday ♡♡


Today is Sojung’s 22nd birthday (23rd in korean age). Sojung is a member of the korean girl group LADIES’ CODE (they are under Polaris Entertainment) in which she is the main vocalist. In 2012 Sojung was a contestant of The Voice Korea.

Once again, I’m not going too deep in the subject regarding the unfortunate event with LADIES CODE (which happened exactly a year ago) because it’s tragic and we all know what happened already. However, I do want people out there to realize just how brave Sojung, Ashley and Zuny have been the past year after what happened, for that they deserve all the respect in the world. I’m glad that the three of them are finally getting up and going back to their usual lifes. They can take their time preparing for a comeback, we’re all here for them whenever they’re ready and we’ll show them all our love when they do ~♡

Today must be a quite tough day for Sojung despite being her birthday, but I really hope she gets through it with a smile on her face along with Ashley and Zuny and that all three of them once again persue their dreams. They’re so talented and such good people they have everything to be successful and I’m sure EunB and RiSe are looking out for them ♡♡♡♡♡


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