This is still quite a confusing subject to me since I haven’t been online often and I’ve known about this for less than 24 hours, but apparently One Direction is set to take a break next March, though starting with the fact that there won’t be a tour for their next album coming out at the end of this year.

From my point of view, saying they’re taking a break is an euphemism for saying they’re splitting. If the reason for that break is because each member wants to persue a solo career I don’t believe they will be getting back any soon. That kind of thing only happens in the Kpop industry. I was obviously surprised when I found out about this but I wasn’t shocked or terrified, in fact, I think most of us was expecting something like this to happen sooner or later. Things slowly starting to go downhill since Zayn left, and as much as we try to keep acting positive, no one can ignore that fact. Anyway, ya’ll probably tired of having me saying this but it’s the truth: what they’re doing doesn’t really matter to me, as long as they’re happy.

I also went on Twitter and tried to gather some opinions on this issue but I barely saw anyone talking about this, which was really weird. I know there hasn’t been an official statement about this yet but normally there’s a huge global discuss about even slightlest rumor whenever it involves the boys.

I’m still kind of unaware of what is actually going on so I’m still not capable of writting down a decent post about my opinion. Perhaps any of you know more than I do, what’s your opinion on this subject from your point of view?


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