August 22nd, it’s HotShot’s Yoon Sanghyuk’s birthday :3


Today is Yoon San’s 21st birthday (22nd in korean age). Yoon San is a member of the korean boy group HotShot (they are under K.O Sound); Yoon San is the main rapper. His favorite hobbies consist of Rubik’s cube, games and rapping. His motto is Follow my heartΒ (geez how charming is that). He lived in France for eight years and can speak chinese, french and japanese; he also majored in design!

Now, I bet ya’ll dying to know this: oppa’s ideal type e.eΒ Yoon San describes his ideal girl as sexy and someone who can accept his personality and doesn’t nag a lot… aish quite high standards you have there friend..

I’m still not very familiar with HotShot but they sure are super talented and cute and I can’t wait to find out more about each member in the future! Saranghae oppa, we wish you an awesome day~~~~


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