So, the Teen Choice Awards happened a couple nights ago (timezones) so I figured I should talk about this and that, even though I didn’t bother watching it. I’ve never really cared much about the TCAs… for some reason I don’t really trust the results, some times it seems like it’s all a matter of interests… if you know what I mean. I really had a lot of doubts after last year’s results but I had even more during this year’s nominating phase. Let’s be honest here, if you perhaps checked the hashtags on Twitter and scrolled pass who people were nominating then you know some of the most mentioned ones didn’t make it to the nominees. But I might be wrong, who knows?

I don’t have much to say about the Choice Movie category, starting with the fact that I didn’t watch half of the nominated movies. I guess I just had better expectations for the movies coming out this year. Not saying they’re bad, I can’t do that since I didn’t watch them but none actually captivated me in the first place, except for like Paper Towns or Jupiter Ascending.

It’s a whole different situation if we talk about the Choice Music category! Can we start by mentioning the fact tHAT ONE DIRECTION WON 8/10 AWARDS THEY WERE NOMINATED FOR I MEAN HOW FABULOUS IS THAT OMG. I am specially proud that they won Choice Music: Party Song  with No Control because it’s not even a single.

On the other hand, how ironic is the fact that the two categories One Direction lost were won by Super Junior?? I was shocked enough when I found out they were nominated… it’s not like most americans are fans of Kpop, right? I thought maybe they had just nominated them because people would find odd if they weren’t since they were so mentioned during the nominating phase, however I have to say I was surprised that EXO wasn’t nominated… anyways. Even though I love One Direction, I was glad Super Junior won. They deserve credibility and recognition too, they shouldn’t be looked down at just because they don’t sing in English [eternal Kpop stan struggle when talking to non-Kpop stans about Kpop].

Speaking of Kpop! I saw a few people talking about this but I don’t know if it’s true. I know SNSD attended the TCAs because they were nominated, but some people were saying Jessica was also there?? I know, it didn’t make much sense to me either…

As for the Choice Web category, I don’t have much to say because none of the results surprised me. I must say though I was releived to know Cameron Dallas actually won this time. I’ll never forget last year’s incident when they announced him as the winner and later on said there had been a mistake and that it wasn’t him, it was awful.

I’m also very proud of Shawn Mendes for winning Choice Web Star: Music, he has come such a long way throughout his career and I think he has a lot of talent, he totally deserved it.

Finally, and I will just mention instead of going too deep in this subject because I’ll start fangirling like crazy, 5SOS PERFORMANCE WAS SO GOOD OK BYE.

I guess that’s all I had to say about this year’s TCAs!

Did you guys watch it? What was it that you loved or hated about 2015 TCAs?


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