August 18th, it’s BIGBANG’S G-Dragon‘s birthday!!~~~

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Today is Kwon Ji Yong’s (aka G-Dragon) 26th birthday (27th in korean age). G-Dragon is a member of the korean group BIGBANG (they are under YG Entertainment). He is the leader, main rapper, composer and face of the group. GD is not only an idol but also a producer and model (don’t google it though, you’ll start fangirling uncontrolably). Before he debuted with BIGBANG in 2009 he was a trainee at SM Entertainment for five years. GD has also debuted as a solo artist, having released t~wo solo albums (the last one entitled Coup d’etat). Throughout his career he has collaborated with artists like Flo Rida, 2NE1’s CL and Dara, Wu-Tang Clan and Sky Ferreira. BIGBANG recently had a comeback with their MADE series (which I absolutely recommend you check out because it’s the definition of awesome).

I have to say I am literally trash for this guy (not literally but you get the point). I love everything about him as an artist and a performer, he has a lot of talent and he’s very unique. AND HE’S HOT AS HELL ALRIGHT.

Well, happy birthday GD oppa!! I hope you have a great day and party a lot ~~


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