fotografia 1 (2)

fotografia 2

fotografia 3

Woah my idols have some nerve haha…….. seRIOUSLY. Is there someone who can handle so many changes in such short time? First it was Jeonghan, then it was Jungkook and now Baekhyun??? NOT THAT I MIND IT LOL, anyway…

At first I was like whaaaat because he had just dyed his hair blonde but then I remembered these are Kpop idols and the last thing I should do is get used to seeing them with a certain hair color. But actually I really like this color on Baekhyun’s hair (I basically like every pastel color on any Kpop artist’s hair lol but this one really suits him), I don’t know it reminds me of Sehun during the Wolf Era (even though that was rainbow hair), with this hair color it looks like he has a giant white and pink marshmallow on his had and it’s really cute.

What do you think about Baekhyun’s new hair color??


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