Ever since I got into Kpop I wondered how my parents would react when they eventually found out I was so into korean culture and music. Liking and listening to music sang on a language you don’t understand is no big deal for me, but everyday I’m more convinced my parents think I’m out of my mind. I wonder if other Kpop stans go through the same everyday…

My dad doesn’t say much, to be honest he never really does when it comes to things I like, it’s just something we don’t usually discuss (all though when he does we will just say what I listen to is terrible cheap music because he is one of those parents who got stuck to the music he listened to when he was 20).

It’s a lot different when it comes to my mom. Unlike my dad, my mom has always supported the things I like because she knows they make me happy and she’s a lot more open minded when it comes to modern music than my dad. When I’m in the car with my mom we listen to my music like the songs I have on my phone or the CDs I have because even though it’s not her favorite type of music she just goes along with it. But not with Kpop. And it’s driving me crazy

When it all started my mom thought this was one of those cases when a teenager founds something cool on the internet and will obsess over it for a couple days and then never remember it again. It’s been months now, clearly that’s not how it went. In the beginning she either ignored it or didn’t notice but recently I feel drowned by her negative comments everyday. She’ll either say their voices are annoying or the beat is annoying, that every song sounds the same, that they have weird features, that they all look the same or the one I hate the most: that I’m obsessed with them. I literally can’t stand it because I know she’s saying it to bother me. I mean, last year I called her crying saying Niall Horan had replied to me on Twitter and I don’t remember her every saying anything about me being obsessed with One Direction.

If I’m watching Music Bank she’ll start saying I watch it everyday (even though I watch it once a week lol) and asks me to change the channel. If I’m watching Kdrama on my laptop with my earphones on she’ll start asking a bunch of questions and saying it makes no sense to her that I like “asian TV shows”. I seriously can’t understand what’s the problem, it’s not like this is going to turn me in a bad person, geez. Plus, there’s one very accurate thing I know about my mom: she isn’t racist, she’s actually very opened to other cultures, that’s why this is even more confusing.

You know what’s funny here? If we’re in the car listening to my music she’ll tell me to skip every Kpop song because she says they’re annoying. However, a few days ago The DJ Is Mine by Wonder Girls (i know it’s hella old but it’s also hella good) came on shuffle and I didn’t skip it because the whole song is sang in english and I wanted to see if she also found it annoying. Guess what, she loved it. But for some reason she can’t stand them performing I Feel You on Music Bank (which is like 98827387356 times better than The DJ Is Mine, lol.

Worse than all of this, today we actually argued. I turned on the TV and it happened to be KBS World, Hello Monster was on. I wasn’t even watching it, first because I had just turned on the TV and second because I finished Hello Monster last week. Suddenly my mom showed up and starting asking out of nowhere “Why are you watching this again? Is this the only thing you watch now?” “God, you should start watching other channels! Can we change the channel now?” “I almost told you to change the channel the other when you were watching that music show the other day. They’re all so annoying. all their songs sound the same.”

What bothers me the most is that she starts saying these things for no reason and acts like it’s okay to say this about people I look up to and care about. What reaction does she expect fro me when she says this? Does she think I’m going to laugh along?

I didn’t care if it was the right thing to do but when she said this I simply left the living room without saying a word and my mom got all offended. I just feel so frustrated because I don’t know what to do or say anymore, no matter how hard I try to explain to her that they’re are artists like any other that she knows already, my mom just won’t get it.

Seriously this bothers me so much I might aswell drag my mom all the way to Korea and get us both on Hello Counselor omg.

What about you guys? Does the same thing happens to you? I’d really to know and if yes, how do you deal with it??


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