SM Entertainment must be more stubborn than a donkey (portuguese expression lmao nevermind). Even when their artists are leaving the company at the speed of light they still don’t seem to bother caring a little more about their artists’ conditions and health.

fotografia (1)

Yesterday (150813) someone spotted EXO’s D.O at Goheung General Hospital. Not sure how people know it but it seems at our squishy Soo went there to receive IV treatment due to being excessively tired. Basically he went there to have a bunch of substancies injected in his veins because he was too tired.

This seriously worries me, I can’t begin to imagine just how terrible his condition was that he had to go to the hospital to receive this kind of treatment. It tightens my heart so much… just how much stress does someone has to be put under to reach this state? It also worries me because, from what we know about SM, it’s not the first or second time one of their artists goes through this. In fact, this was one of the things Kris pointed out recently when he spoke up about why he left EXO so I’m guessing this is something regular for SM artists. Also, we’ve all witnessed how exhausted all nine EXO members have been during performances, specially Kai.

I don’t know where this will lead to (and to be honest I don’t want to find out). What I know is that they are human beings, not robots and this can’t go on forever… But for now all we can do is wish D.O a quick recovery and hope that he’ll have some rest after this, he needs it and so do all the other members.


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